Iraq Marshlands Named UNESCO World Heritage Site

8 thoughts on “Iraq Marshlands Named UNESCO World Heritage Site”

  1. Indrajit ji, have you stayed in Iraq? If so would like a commentary on the much disliked Saddam by Americans…
    Rich civilizations such as the Egyptian do have a lot of history seeped in and Tigris and Euphrates have special stories to tell the world, it is only sad that the greed of mankind has not been able to conserve and preserve the rich flora and fauna.

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  2. Yes Sunita ji, my work and profession bring me to Iraq.
    Iraq-Syria-Jordan area has huge heritage and a lots of history seeped in the sands and soil here. Modern Iraq was the centre of many great civilisations.
    You’re right that the mankind hasn’t been kind here towards its history and heritage. Human greed and madness have erased a large part of history and heritage from this part of the world. It’s unfortunate that destruction of history hasn’t yet stopped!
    Egyptian history and heritage are much better preserved.

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  3. Declaring a Marsh lands as UNESCO heritage site is indicative of their importance in preserving the balancing the eco- system and presevering bio diversity. The birthplace of Abraham renders it a cultural/historical importance too.

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