Proto Armageddon (Episode 18): Goddess of Cannibals

As they entered the warehouse, Inna and Attir found a poorly constructed veil in an attempt to keep unwanted guests away. Inna said “revasee” and the veil crumbled revealing a scene of carcasses of mortals hanging around in hooks, out of which some were skinned halfway and some were complete and some seemed fresh stalks. The stench of death, rot, blood and corpse-filled the air. As moving around investigating the bodies a sense of disgust generated inside the Devil. The place looked like a free for all buffet, which was against her teachings. She knew how to respect her ingredients, but the scene in front of her had no dignity. Although she never had a palate for butchery, if needed to use them she would regard them with full respect so much as to use every part because the best result of any process is the one that leaves no waste.

“Wow, they call the Devils embodiment of evil, when they would happily slaughter in the name of sacrifice. Height of irony.” thought Inna. Then her sights fell upon an altar carved out of black stone used generally used for sacrifice. Slowly she walked towards it. She summed the relic she acquired from the Nortim city.

“A nice place to summon a God. Tyrant you once asked me why I wanted to summon a God. Hahaha now witness me making history that will be talked for aeons to come.” She said and started drawing a magic circle around the altar. The finesse in her work and art was out worldly. Tyrant was in awe at her work. “Excellent work, Master!” complemented Attir.

“I don’t need your approval, Tyrant. So shut your trap” replied Inna.
” My apologies, Master. Please forgive my ignorance. I was just awed looking at you.”
“Don’t worry, Tyrant, there is nothing you can do to make me lose my composure.”

She finished the circle and started the God summoning spell, using the Relic of the last war. As she cast the spell the magic circle started glowing which intensified with every tick. Soon a rift like structure appeared over the circle and a voice was heard. “Who calls me, the Goddess of Fertility, Amoris”.

Inna looked up into the rift and her lips curled up. She stood up and punched her hand through the rift. Then slowly pulled whatever she grabbed. A beautiful female figure appeared caught by the throat by Inna. “It’s bad manners to not show your face to the one who offered their sacrifice. Don’t you think? Goddess of Cannibals, Amoris.”

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