My Son Met with an Accident: A Fateful Day

June 6, 2021 was a normal day. My son Judhajit went to the hospital in the morning for his duties. He is Medical Officer at the Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Superspecialty Hospital in Ranchi. Around 5 PM, he called his mother that he was coming home and he would have his lunch as he was hungry and he could not get the time for lunch during the day. Who knew it would later become a fateful day?

At 5:17 PM, there was a call from the mobile number of Judhajit. As I said, “Hello” there was an unknown voice asking me whether I knew the owner of that mobile. I replied, “Yes, he is my son and how come he has the phone?”. The unknown person said: “He is a policeman and the owner of this mobile had a road traffic accident.” I was zapped. I inquired about the condition of my son. The policeman replied that he was wearing a helmet and so he is saved and his bike is damaged. I asked him to wait for me there and I would be reaching there in 10 minutes as that accident spot was around 10 minutes away from our house.

I told my wife to accompany me as Judhajit had met with an accident and I was going there. I asked our driver, Rajnath also to accompany us. We drove down to the spot, but my son was not there. Without seeing Judhajit, Jagrata got very tense and said that there was nothing. There were two policemen and a couple of other citizens were there waiting for us. I was informed by the policemen that they sent Judhajit to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) hospital. I think they sent to RIMS hospital as it is a government hospital although the nearest hospital was the Medica hospital.

The damaged bike was standing there. Another policeman had gone to get an auto-rickshaw to carry it to the police station. We received a phone call from an unknown number. It was a policeman from the hospital. I told him to wait as we would be reaching soon. When the police officer came with a van, I informed him that Judhajit is a doctor at Medica Hospital and there is no dispute. They also informed us that Judhajit’s bike skidded and hit the road divider. I asked them to hand over the bike to us. He checked up with the Station House Officer of the area and released the bike with his consent. Rajnath started the bike and managed to drive it slowly. I asked him to take the bike home while I drove to RIMS hospital. The policemen were very nice and behaved quite professionally, which I appreciate very much.

Since Judhajit is a doctor at the Medica Hospital, we decided to get him admitted there. While driving up to RIMS hospital, I asked Jagrata to call Dr. Rohit, the Head of Emergency at the Medica. He is a very good friend of Judhajit. Dr. Rohit was not at the hospital then but he assured us that he would get everything ready and he would also be reaching the hospital. That was his off-day and he was at his home in Ramgarh, 40 km from Ranchi.

On reaching RIMS hospital, we found two police constables were waiting for us at the gate. By the time I parked the car, they guided Jagrata to Judhajit. He was lying on a stretcher and was bleeding from his face and chest. His right feet had silencer burns and he was not able to move his legs and left hand. We talked to the doctors there and informed them that we were taking Judhajit to Medica as he is a doctor there. I signed the undertaking to get him discharged against medical advice. We arranged a private ambulance, managed to put Judhajit inside with great efforts. There were much staff of RIMS hospital watching but nobody came to lend their hands to help me putting Judhajit transferred inside the ambulance from the stretcher.

I was just hurrying to get Judhajit in Medica as soon as it was possible. I knew he would get the best possible treatment there once I take him to Medica. By the time we reached the gate of Medica, the staff were ready with a stretcher and took him inside. When I reached the Emergency room after parking my car and paying for the ambulance, the doctors had already started cleaning his wounds and preparing for an X-ray, CT scan etc.

It did not take an hour when almost the entire hospital doctors were there. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the Vice Chairman of Medica Hospital, Ranchi was also there along with his team of surgeons. Since Judhajit was in the Emergency Unit, the hospital management staff opened the room of Dr. Sanjay Kumar and made us sit there. We were told that we will be briefed by the doctors there. We understood as the Emergency was overcrowded then.

Dr. Ankur, the Orthopedic head informed us that there was nothing to worry about as the bone injuries would not need any surgery. The scans were not clear as Judhajit was shaking in pain. He said from his clinical investigation and the X-ray of his injured places. After some time, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Patrick Minz and others came and informed us the same and they had decided to keep him in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for that night for more observation and care. Dr. Sanjay Kumar assured us that he would get the best treatment and they were there for him. He advised us to go home that night and asked one of his staff to take us to the NICU to see Judhajit before we go home.

On regaining his consciousness, Judhajit called us at 2 AM borrowing a phone from the nursing staff at NICU. Until then we could not sleep. The next day we reached the hospital in the morning. He was shifted to a private room and we stayed with Judhajit for four days at the hospital. He has three broken left wrist bones, silencer burns on the right foot and a few other abrasions and wounds to heal. Every doctor, consultant, nursing staff, management staff, coordinator, and security staff came to check him, see him and boost his morale during his stay in the hospital. The nursing staff took extra care while dressing his wounds. A colleague of Judhajit, Dr. Manish was almost there round the clock.

Thanks to Jharkhand Police, everyone at the Medica Hospital of Ranchi, the grace of God, and the prayers of all our well-wishers, Judhajit is now recovering at home.

18 thoughts on “My Son Met with an Accident: A Fateful Day

  1. Harsh Wardhan Jog

    Hope the young man is recovering fast. Wish to see him ride again soon. Good luck. I am fond of Classic 500 myself but have handed over the key to my son now.

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  2. Nilanjana Moitra

    It is so sad to read this post. I can understand your harrowing experience, especially your wife’s. Glad to know that he is now recovering at home. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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