Ayurdad: In-Home Doctor Service Started in Ranchi

I have started a humble initiative, Ayurdad, in partnership with my colleague Dr. Abhay Kumar to provide high quality and reliable medical consultation to the residents of Ranchi delivered at their homes, in a safe and caring environment. We both are Medical Officers at the Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Superspecialty Hospital, Ranchi.

The word Ayurdad (आयुर्दद्) is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning giving life or extending longevity. At Ayurdad, we bring back the concept of the family physician with in-home consultation service.

The cornerstone of family medicine is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care. In addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, your family physician provides routine health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop. Consulting your family physician for regular check-ups can help you stay healthy and prevent illness.

Every once in a while, you’re bound to need to consult with a doctor for general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness, and more. From consultation to treatment, the doctor helps you throughout your recovery. An in-home doctor service does exactly the same. Only, you don’t have to go anywhere. We will contact/visit and treat you in the comfort of your home. We will assess, diagnose and treat you depending on your need.

What would you do if:

  • you suddenly fall sick & are too weak to visit a doctor?
  • your important meeting and your dad’s doctor appointment gets scheduled on the same day?
  • an elderly loved one with limited mobility needs to see a doctor?

Contact us and we will visit and treat you in the comfort of your home. We will assess, diagnose and treat you depending on your need. We can help you overcome the illness or provide the best referrals when another specialist’s care is needed. Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing and frustrating, but Ayurdad is on the front line and can help coordinate your care.

Ayurdad can also be your partner in managing a chronic, long-lasting illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. A strong primary care system centered on an ongoing doctor-patient relationship leads to the best health outcomes for patients, higher patient satisfaction, fewer hospitalizations, and reduced healthcare costs.

Benefits of engaging with Ayurdad
  • Experienced & Qualified Doctors;
  • Say bye-bye to waiting lines and long travelling hours;
  • Book appointments at your preferred time and get service right at your doorstep;
  • Why exert yourself when you are already weak?

We bring with us years of experience in the medical field and will treat you with patience and compassion.

How it works
  • Simply dial the below numbers to call or leave a message;
  • You can also book an appointment online;
  • We will contact you or visit your home for a consultation and start with the treatment;
  • Improvements will be measured and the next step will be recommended if any;
  • The visit/consultation fee depends on the nature of the consultation, mode of consultation, and distance to be travelled by the doctor.
Our Services
  • We will contact the patient or visit the house of the patient for a consultation and initiating the treatment;
  • We will visit the patient house once a month for follow-up checkups;
  • All the notes and updates will be recorded in the patient’s file for future reference;
  • Patients who are unwell can ring us or contact us online and book a Doctor visit;
  • If the patient is in need of any medications, we can provide them with a prescription or script;
  • We can order blood tests or x-rays. If necessary, we can supply patients with a referral to the hospital;
  • Once the consultation has concluded we will write the clinical notes for the consultation;
  • The clinical notes can be stored for future reference.

4 thoughts on “Ayurdad: In-Home Doctor Service Started in Ranchi

    1. It’s not a generic name like Ayurveda… Āyurdad (आयुर्दद्) is derived from [=āyur-dad] [from āyur > āyu] and Dad (दद्).—(like dadate) meaning To give, offer, present.

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