Beautiful Heritage Homestay in Takdah

Takdah is a small hill station in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. It is surrounded by lush green tea gardens, pine forests and orchids. The place was once a British cantonment area and thus has a number of old British bungalows. Takdah or Tukdah literally means ‘mist’ or fog in the Lepcha language. True to its name, Takdah remains covered with mist for most of the time.

Takdah Cantonment started as a military quarter during the British colonial days in the early 1900s. During those days, senior British officers frequently visited this heavenly abode and therefore many bungalows mushroomed here for their accommodations. Those bungalows were built in traditional British architecture with slanted-fashioned roofs.

Takdah is famous for its tea gardens, which produce some of the finest Darjeeling teas in the world. Takdah tea has a distinctive flavour and aroma, with hints of muscatel, floral and fruity notes. It is also known for its smooth and mellow taste, with a sweet aftertaste. Some of the famous tea estates are the Rungli Rungliot, Lepchu, and Pesok tea estates.

Takdah is not only a paradise for tea enthusiasts but also for nature lovers and adventure seekers. You can explore the nearby forests and spot some exotic birds and animals. You can also trek to the nearby hills and valleys and enjoy the fresh air and stunning landscapes.

Located at an altitude of 5,100 feet, Takdah is merely 28 km from Darjeeling. Although it is located so close to Darjeeling, it is not yet so crowded with tourists. This serene destination also remains quite cooler than the surrounding areas.

It has been a long time since we went on a family trip for leisure. We were looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Judhajit, Tania, Jagrata, and I zeroed in to consider a homestay at Takdah or Lamahatta after checking various social media for pictures and reviews. Judhajit called up a few of them and then we agreed on Rose Villa Heritage homestay. We booked for three nights and paid them one day charge as an advance for confirming the booking. We later on found out that our decision was perfect.

We went to Takdah from Ranchi via Kolkata. We took the overnight Kriya Yog Express on 22 April 2023.

From Howrah railway station, we went to the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport to reach Bagdogra International Airport. On the way to the airport, we stopped at the Hyatt Residency for getting fresh-up and having a well-laid buffet breakfast.

The Air Asia India flight was on schedule. Judhajit and I had beer at the airport before boarding the flight.

Since Judhajit was studying Medicine at the Sikkim Manipal University, we knew a couple of Siliguri taxi operators. We called them before to book a cab for us for four days. It was past noon by then when we landed at Bagdogra. We had our lunch at the Santa Banta Restaurant in Siliguri. Then we stopped and climbed up to the Sevokeshwari Temple. We also stopped for a while on the famous Coronation Bridge for some photography, and so we got late.

As we reached the Rose Villa, we were stunned by the heritage bungalow and the natural beauty around it. It was getting dark by then.

We called the homestay owners from Kolkata that we would be having evening snacks and dinner at night. The Lama family, owner of the Rose Villa gave us a warm welcome. We were immediately offered pakoras and tea. We were the only guests at the villa. They have two rooms in the main villa and a cottage.

We took Ludo to play in the evening. After our exciting Ludo games, we had a delicious dinner consisting of rice, dal, sabzi, aloo bhaja, papad, and chicken curry. The best thing here is that they asked us for our preferences and prepared the meals accordingly. The dinner menu was different everyday based on our choice. The food was awesome.

The senior most of the Lama family completed 100 years on 23 March, this year. He is a jolly good person. Judhajit and I used to chat with him about his experience and the history of the area. They are a nice family. The youngest is the grandson of the centurion. He actually manages the homestay, and his mother looks after the kitchen. They have a full-time cook and maid for the housekeeping.

He just completed 100 years!!

Since Judhajit knows the Nepali language pretty well from his Sikkim days, the Lama family was very happy and comfortable communicating with us. In a couple of days, we became pretty close. They are really very sociable and nice people. They took extra care to make our stay not only comfortable but a memorable one. I believe that they do it for every guest.

While the ladies were a bit late to get up from the comfort of the warm blankets at a cold place, Judhajit and I went out for a walk in the mornings to explore the areas nearby. We walked to the Shiva temple one day while to the Orchid Center on the other. It was a lovely experience walking through the forests of long coniferous trees with a variety of foliage, amidst an amazing combination of birds chirping on the trees.

On the last day, the owner of Rose Villa gave us a demonstration of making the as the Chinese people do. It’s a style, a culture, and an experience for us.

After our breakfasts, we used to go sightseeing, which I will write about in my next posts. A homestay at Takdah is a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Takdah is a place where you can experience the charm and beauty of Darjeeling, without the crowds and noise of the city. It is a place where you can discover a new facet of India’s rich and diverse culture.

Our group photo with the Lama family and their staff before we left the property.

The heritage homestay gave us a chance to live with the host family and learn about their traditions and lifestyle. It’s a rare opportunity to stay in a heritage bungalow and enjoy the old colonial charm & aura in such houses. Before I end this post, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the Lama family, who owns the Rose Villa for making our stay so memorable. We would love to visit again.

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Heritage Homestay in Takdah

  1. This is a visual treat with the aroma of the freshly brewed tea and the fragrance of the air in the magical misty mountains! The home stay looks adorable and so is the lama family.

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  2. Tapas Dey

    দারুণ লিখেছিস। 👌👌 খুব লোভ হচ্ছে এই খানে গিয়ে থাকার। 😃
    Love to explore it. Don’t know when that chance may arrive. 😀😀

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