Durga Puja

Ei pujo maer pujoEi shuru ei sheshDhak baajbe dhol baajbeNaachbe puro desh.Mahashaptami ashtamiNavami dashamiCharte din moja korboKeu rokaar aar nai.Bachcha bou aar bororaSobai anandoPadmo phul maer pae phuteChorai sugondho.Maa ashen saptami teAar dashami te jaanCharte din nayche otheAnandote praan.Lakhi Ganesh SaraswatiAar Kartik mahanSobaire ami di amarShato pronaam.Mama baari esheTara holo prodhaanMaer saathe saathe thekeTara paylo shei shomaan.Ashtami Navamitepujo boro hoePandit moshai becharaAnjali koraite roye jae.Shobche … Continue reading Durga Puja

The Festive Season

The sky is blueAnd the Sun is bright,The clouds overhead,Are soft and light;Thus the autumn comes inWith a gust ofThe smell of flowers,And their showers,All over the season is burst.The hearts are happy,Light and gay,Washed awayWith the Sun’s ray,Because the autumn brings,The festive springs,Tied to it with strong strings!The sound of Shankho,And that of dhak,Lights the heartWith a lot of sparks!But months beforeThe Festive season,Everyone … Continue reading The Festive Season

Two Faces of Social Networking

The same sites that allowed groups for communal harmony, also allowed groups that fostered communal hate. It is a free domain – and there are no rules on content. But, the society, the governments, the industry will have to take steps to curb the spread of hate messages, fake news without compromising the right to freedom of speech of the netizens. With rights, come duties. Continue reading Two Faces of Social Networking