Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Google often changes it's logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries or the lives of famous artists and scientists. Today's Google Doodle celebrates all public health workers and researchers across the globe working in the fight against the novel coronavirus. Google has made a change to their logo to thank public health workers across the world during …

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The Hellish Side of Handwashing

Washing your hands is important. Please do it. In the morning, one of my school friends, Aranjit commented casually on our WhatsApp group that coronavirus may leave many of us a prisoner of OCD — obsessive-compulsive disorder. The rapid spread of the new coronavirus has health officials scrambling to educate the public on good hygiene …

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Coronavirus is as economically contagious as it’s medically

Earlier this month, G7 finance ministers and central bank governors vowed to use “all appropriate policy tools” to contain the economic threat posed by the coronavirus. The question left unanswered is what is appropriate and what will work. The immediate response took the form of central bank rate cuts, with the US Federal Reserve fast off the …

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Road Trip: Lachung-Zero Point-Yumthang-Gangtok

Lachung and Yumthang are the two most picturesque places in the whole of Sikkim. The bounty of the nature, sky-kissing mountains, green meadows, flowing river, hot spring make Yumthang valley a tourist's dream place to visit and to enjoy the beauty without any sort of infringement. Yumthang Valley also embraces the renowned Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary with 24 species of Rhododendron.