Lobongo Lotika | Traditional Bengali Dessert

Lobongo Lotika (Bengali: লবঙ্গ লতিকা) a.k.a. Lavang Latika or Laung Lata is a traditional recipe of Bengal prepared especially on festivals. This tantalizing dish coated with sugar syrup, crusty from outside made using all-purpose flour, and stuffed with mawa and dry fruits and with a clove on top is loved by all. It exemplifies the opulent side of the Indian cuisine. It’s also pretty famous … Continue reading Lobongo Lotika | Traditional Bengali Dessert

Sweet Atom Bombs!

While I was posted at Jharkhand zonal office, I used to travel sometimes to Lohardaga, Latehar, Palamau, and Garhwa districts of Jharkhand from Ranchi and a small town named Kuru (कूड़ु), around 60 km from Ranchi, used to be my regular stop. There is a T-junction at Kuru. The road goes straight to the bauxite city of Lohardaga, while the right one heads towards Betla, Latehar, and Daltonganj. There are a few sweet shops selling famous chhena toast and dhushka. Continue reading Sweet Atom Bombs!