Sarangi | A monk and a Minister

The monk who never owned a Ferrari and defeated one who campaigned in Ferrari. The poorest Member of Parliament of India, Pratap Chandra Sarangi, who spent the least amount of money in his election campaign and went around campaigning on his cycle deserves the highest respect. Though he has now become minister, don’t be surprised if you catch him on a cycle, riding the streets of Delhi! I dedicate this post to him.

Can memes revive political satires and cartoons?

Humour is the foundation of a cartoon and it is its limitation. Attempts to rationalise humour in terms of today’s utilitarian social structure probably explain why political cartooning, and the genre of cartooning as a whole is a dying art. In a fast-paced environment such as the internet, memes emerged as a one-dimensional satirical illustration; they don’t engage with the issue and, therefore, their moral message and practical impact are limited. 

What’s in a name? | On changing names of cities

Changing a town’s name for a singular – even arbitrary – purpose, even if only temporarily, has a relatively long history. Changing names of cities also leaves with a few questions: What good did these city name changes accomplish? Do residents of these cities feel any prouder of their localities now than before? Have the changes resulted in better investment opportunities, infrastructure or living standards?