Digital Attacker Banks’ Time Has Come

Digital attacker banks have demonstrated that they can delight customers, scale up quickly and expand into new products, geographies and customer segments. Digital attackers are lower cost, faster to innovate and can transform their traditional parents. As an alternative to embarking on a multiyear, hugely expensive systems transformation, some incumbent banks have launched attackers with the aim of transforming the core business.

Social Bubble: Welcome Development or Social Nightmare?

Drastically limiting people's contact with others seems to be helping the countries stem the spread of the Coronavirus. But as economies slump, curve flattens, and people become fatigued with restrictions, governments around the world are now facing the challenge of how to ease their citizens out of lockdown without risking a second wave of infections, and …

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Why Do We Make Bad Decisions?

Like everyone else, we’re subject to cognitive bias, a limitation in our thinking brought about by errors of memory, miscalculation or social attribution. Not all biases are negative, however. The placebo effect, for example, is important in the search for new medicines. This cognitive bias can be so powerful that by simply telling a patient a new drug will make them better, they begin to believe it.