“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

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Dark Black after Double Black

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It’s the last day of our two-day seminar in Erbil. In the evening, I was relaxing at the Arbelia Bar in the hotel. I was sipping my second round of Black Label scotch double on the rocks accompanied with some pistachio nuts and potato wafers.


Then I received a call from my colleague Ouss asking me to go with him for some walk and food. He was waiting at the hotel lobby. I finished my drinks and joined him. Oday & Bilal also joined us there. We went to Dream City on the Airport Street.

Restaurant complex at Dream City, Erbil

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We went in Barista Coffee shop. It’s a cool night. It’s around 10:30 pm.  I opted for hot dark black chocolate drink.

Having hot cholchhe

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The café is quite nice with some sitting arrangements outside also. Interior is also quite good. We chatted over our drink there.

After an hour we left the café for burgers at Dal’s Burger. Ouss is a great fan of Dal’s Burger. It was past midnight when we reached there. We were the last customers of the day.


After having chicken burgers, we returned to hotel. We walked almost half the distance in the chilly night and then took a cab as Oday was feeling too tired to walk anymore. We reached our hotel at 1:30 am.

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Walked up to MG Marg in Gangtok

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An evening stroll in the famous MG Marg (Road) is a must for those visiting Gangtok. We are staying at Royal Plaza Hotel at Deorali.


In the afternoon, Jaya & I planned to trek to MG Road. Babai would join us after his classes.

It’s an uphill trek. There is a nice barricaded pedestrian path besides the Highway. We crossed by the Paani House Shiva temple. There is a Irish Coffee Bar!! Well, I did not check in to see whether it is only a name or really an exclusive Irish Coffee Bar.


2012-05-18 17.42.20

We decided to meet Babai at the Denzong Cinema. Babai reached there in 10 minutes. Then we walked up the stairs from there to reach MG Road. The stairs are sidelined by various small shops.



MG (Mahatma Gandhi) Marg is the best place to spend your evening at Gangtok. This shopping area has flowers gardens and water fountains at center of the street. Vehicles are not allowed inside this market along the MG Road. One can shop, eat or can just simply sit on one of the benches placed all over the market. The mood of this market is very lively and relaxed. The central vista of the road is lined with many such benches. People sit and enjoy the leisure time on these benches. It’s quite difficult to get empty benches in the evenings. We managed to find one. It’s good to sit and watch people moving shopping around. Also got some hot pop-corns to pass the time.

After the trek, Jaya was feeling a bit tired, so she planned to sit on the bench. She wanted to enjoy her pop-corn. After a very busy day of sight-seeing and a heavy lunch it was an ideal place to relax.





Then Babai & I went for a stroll on the road. Babai took me to show the location of the Main hospital, where he would be coming from next year as a part of his studies for MBBS.


In the evening, the MG Road was decorated with lights because of Sikkim Day celebration.


There is a good Roll house, where we bought some Chicken Roll for our evening snacks. There is a nice souvenir shop selling Tibetan & Sikkimese items including prayer bells. We bought some Tibetan artwork as gifts for our friends. Then, we proceeded to our hotel by walk through a different road in the dark night.


Now, it’s a down hill walk and so it took us less time.


Sikkim is a plastic free zone, so no plastic bags are allowed. Also chewing paan, paan masala, gutka is prohibited here. The rules are followed quite strictly here. I wish if entire India could adopt this rule and practice.