Bara Imambara | Lucknow

My uncle stays in Lucknow. This winter, my grandparents were staying with him there. They were asking to see us so my mom and I went to Lucknow from Ranchi during my winter vacation. One afternoon, we went for some local sightseeing in Lucknow. We went to Bada Imambarah.

The Bada Imam Bargah in Lucknow is a historical monument and amazement of India. It’s a great historic and cultural resource of all times. It has been divided into three floors.

Ground floor has three hall whose styles have been copied by three different cultures – Chinese hall, Persian hall and Indian hall. The roof of the Indian hall is in the shape of a half pumpkin.

The most wondrous part of the construction is that every pillar is of same width and height and at a same distance. The Imam bargah is kept in the Persian hall.

On the second floor it has ‘Bhulbhulaiya’ (which means the maze). The construction of the building makes it the maze. That is because of the gates. At every 10 to 15 feet there are four gates one leads to the right path rest three wrong. Thus this makes things difficult. On the third floor there are big walls which are hollow in side. thus when someone whispers near the walls it can be heard about a distance of 10-20 feet even, proving the old Hindi saying “Dheere bolo deewaraon ke bhi kaan hote hai”.

On the fourth floor is the roof come terrace from where a beautiful view of Lucknow is visible, and also the roman gate, clock tower, Chota Imam Bargah, Lucknow Jama Masjid and may others. There is also a monument just beside it called Baula kuan, where Nawab’s wazir Mewalal jumped into with treasure and it’s key to protect it from the British army.

It has a similar structure as it is in the ‘Bhulbhulaiya’ except that they could see whoever entering the Baula kuan by their reflection in the water of baula kuan. These magnificent constructions really reflect the intellect and intelligence of the people of those times.

I am amazed by the craftsmanship, ideas, and thoughts. They didn’t have the support of modern science and technology, but still created such architectural marvels.

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