The Gangtok Ropeway

If you are in Gangtok you must visit rope-way or cable cars located at Deorali market. It runs from Tashiling Offices in Gangtok to Deorali. Today being a Saturday and also there is some musical programme at SMIMS, Babai joined us early in the afternoon at our hotel.


We decided for rope-way ride and so after lunch, we went for the rope-way start point. It’s getting cloudy. Hope it does not rain and the rope-way suspends the service. We bought tickets and immediately went for the cable car.


The ride is fast, there is no pollution, and the views are breathtaking. The customers are mostly tourists with kids, and to accommodate their need to take photos and videos the cable cars actually pause for a couple of minutes in the middle of the ride—up and down swinging adding to the passengers’ excitement.


Cable car journey provides a spectacular view of Gangtok market, valley and assembly hall of state of Sikkim on its 15-20 minutes journey.


The cable car accommodates 24 people at a time. Only negative point is there are no seats and when the gate man tells you not to move much during the ride it gets unnerving and our car was fully occupied.





It started drizzling while we were in the middle of return leg.


It was raining when we reached the Deorali point.


We cannot go out now so we preferred to check in to Hotlix Restaurant for some hot coffee while it is raining outside.


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