Proto Armageddon (Episode 1): The Dying Wish

A man was weeping while drawing some kinds of symbol on the ground with blood. Every time he drew a symbol he went to one of the corpses littered around him and dipped his finger into the blood soaked wound as if they were empty pens sucking up the blood and returned to draw again. He had made up his mind to use them as ingredients to his forbidden ritual which he wanted to perform. His face seemed to be troubled disrespecting the dead as he disintegrated their bodies as mere means to meet his end. He was sad, very, very sad; to the point where its measurement was infinite. Tears overflowed from his blood shot eyes, looked as if they were busting out of the reservoir, which was filled with rage, and had no space for them. His brows were furrowed as he new what he was doing was against everything he had learnt in his life. But he was determined, that no one will be able to stop him anymore. He had the resolve of a person who does not regret his actions. It was this resolve that made him to do his job even with every cell in his body was going against it. His resolve was the proof of his suffering and pain that he had to endure which brought him to this point of no return.

He knew if he completed this ritual he would not see another day but not only that his soul would be also used up as an ingredient of this ritual and he won’t be in peace. But it was not about him that brought his pain. It was the realisation that all the souls of the corpses lying around were going to be consumed in the this ritual. This was a fate worse than burning in Gahena. But he had already decided for the consequences. The ritual that he was hell-bound on performing was definitely a suicidal act, and he knew the souls undergoing this kind of treatment will receive eternal punishments. But today is not the day that could waver him from his unforgivable path to destruction. He was prepared to lay down his present life and suffer eternal torment for what he believed was necessary.

He wiped his overflowing tears with the large sleeves of his toga as he kept drawing the symbols with perfection of an artist, who knew what he was doing and could do with his eyes closed. Even his speed rivalled his years on him. He was unsure what motivated him to perform such an act with such perfection. Was it rage or sorrow or betrayal that led him to this point? As he was on the verge of completion of the rituals he stood up silently, turned his gaze towards the corpses and he quietly and slowly walked towards the closest corpse lying near the diagram. He went down on his knees as he tried to pick the corpse that was lying. His eyes were filled again as he looked at her lovingly as if saying her good bye. He picked her up as he stood up, his face was filled with sorrow and regret. He walked towards the diagram he made with his own hands and looked at the corpse, saying for last time — “Al tuahadish mas. Al kuda thim tu” and then he kept her on one of the symbols and started chanting — “huta it is ua tin dus.” As he chanted, some magical chains were formed around her corpse so as to truss her.

Then he walked towards the other corpses and picking them up one by one, placing them over the symbols with similar melancholic expressions for the lady’s corpse. Since he loved and treasured all of them as they were his friends, bother and sisters. One by one he laid down eighteen corpses over their respective symbols as these had their own significance and requirements that were needed to be fulfilled so as to accomplish his forbidden mission. After that, he brought the other remaining corpses which were around 30 and placed them circling the diagram to be used as extra ingredients, if need be. Since he had no idea about the amount of energy that would be needed to perform the ritual since there’s no record available detailing the process. Thinking that his preparations were complete he went into the centre of the diagram and started chanting again — “hita hauti has Devi beraudin.” He kept repeating the chant like some mantras as he saw shackles formed over the 18 corpses on the diagram, and the corpses started to glow brighter and the shackles started trussing the corpses. A dark void then started appearing above him. As the corpses along with the remnant souls started to get absorbed he turned his gaze towards them with tearful eyes but he dared not to stop as he knew he was standing at the point of no return. Slowly the chains tightened around the corpse and devouring the essence and their glow increased in intensity. after a while the bodies were devoured in all and even the spirit particles had been subsumed by the gluttonous chains. But as he thought that it was not enough, the chains crawled out of the diagram which by then had also started glowing with the over surge of energy applied into this ritual. Slowly the glowing diagram became a column of light reaching the sky.

The chains devoured the bodies of the extra corpses one by one as a gluttonous snake devouring his prey. But this rate wasn’t enough so the void released some more chains of its own which were frightening black in colour just as the void , which soon started subsuming the corpses at a faster pace, which made him worried that it might be too disastrous. Then he decided to go ahead irrespective of any consequence and kept his chanting steady and continuos.

After devouring all the corpses, chains went towards the summoner and started to surround his body up to his neck, as if a snake had clinched its prey and was about to swallow. The summoner started to pour his energy willingly into the chain as it started devouring his body. As he was falling down, almost sucked dry and was losing his consciousness, he felt as if he was caught by some one. He could mildly open his eyes and saw a man with a troubled and sad expression while looking at him. Then he just uttered in common tongue, which was the universal language — “I am glad that I was able to summon a kind person to be the Judge.” As he was withering into tiny particles he just mildly uttered — “I have a request for you. Could you destroy this world for me.”

As he said those words he completely withered into the air and was subsumed by the Judge. The Judge dusted off his overcoat as he smiled softly and replied — “Gladly!”


“Al tuahadish mas” = I am sorry (in Hisorian language of the Hisory tribe)
“Al kuda thim tu” = I love you (in Hisorian language of the Hisory tribe)
“huta it is ua tin dus” = binding spell
“hita hauti has Devi beraudin” = specific summoning spell

PS: I have started writing this story. The other parts will follow as I write each part. I haven’t finalised the title and may decide later as the story develops. You may also like to suggest a title in the comments below, along with your views.

Please read the sequel: Episode 2.

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  2. Temsuakum Longkumer

    The first chapter is firmly created. It makes us what to learn how the man is and why he is doing it. Great job. Looking forward to the future chapters

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