Proto Armageddon (Episode 14): The First

Inna went towards a wall engraved in an ancient script and started to feel the engravings and the writings. Then she remembered something and she brought out a spirit crystal — a vessel used to hold the spiricule of a recently deceased individual acting as an anchor like a body for a certain period of time until it slowly dissipated into the aether. “I thought it was a good idea to store him,” thought Inna as she started chanting “Resorium anavarte”. After a while the spirule flew out of her hand radiating intense light as started to create a holographic 3-D image of a person. Slowly the spiricule started to get denser as the image became clearer.

Getting confused at the sight; Rialz and Hamir spoke out in unison “Lord Attir!!”. And to their surprise, the image that was constructed was of the Lord’s younger days when he met Hamir for the first time. “How did you know?” asked confused Hamir. “There’s an old saying darling… Everything comes to light in the darkness of the night,” said Inna while winking at him with a huge smile on her face. Then a familiar voice echoed in Hamir’s mind “Oye kid, I thought I taught you about the Devils.” “Mi Lord! Where are you? How can I be able to hear from you?” asked Hamir.

“Well someone slept through all my classes. Fool, I am right in front of you” echoed the voice again. Dumbstruck Hamir started to stare at the image in realization. “I didn’t know that Ethereals can communicate, Mi Lord.” queried the butler. “It’s extremely rare, albeit not unheard of. If the caster’s level is high enough then it is possible. I don’t excel in it as this was not my subject of interest ever.” echoed the voice.

“Awwww………!!!! I hate to break your teared up reunion but I have a business in hand,” said Inna, who looked as if she was losing her patience. “Ah… Yes I forgot. My gratitude to my new master. At your service from now till the judgment day.” The voice echoed inside everyone’s head in the vicinity as the Ethereal bowed to his new master. “Well, how am I supposed to enter through here,” asked the Devil; but to her surprise, the Lord just moved away his head as if to ignore her. This made her face amber with anger like the rising sun. “Ah…..!!! It was a mistake to make you an Ethereal. I should have known that,” she said while walking away from the Lord towards the engravings and started to analyse them again.

“You will not be able to enter even after several eons.” echoed the voice as a grin formed on his face. “Stop bothering me. A little busy here. What is that you want?” said the frustrated Devil. “I sure am dead and I have lost my body not my pride. Clearly, you never had a servant but I am sure you have a master being a Devil and all. So you must know what makes a servant happy?” echoed the voice of the Lord and before he could complete “Sense of acceptance and existence from the master. But I fare better alone.” completed the Devil. “Well that may be true, but what is the fun in that. I have always followed a single rule in my life and that was to have fun.” The image drifted in the space to stop in front of Rialz and said “I know I have given you so much pain that I cannot ever atone for but I would really hope for you to forgive me and move ahead in life.” with a very serious guilt loaded expression. Rialz started to feel forgiving when “Hahahaha, you fool! You really thought I would apologise. I have lived my life without regrets and every decision I took was meant towards this point, hence I have no grudge from the time I was living. But your change in expression was priceless. Hahaha!! See I told you it is fun.” said the Lord turning his face towards the Devil and in retaliation the angry shizian waved a few punches at him but all went through him. “Your sense of humour is a little distorted than mine, but your words are not empty. I was also advised by my father to have allies.” said the Devil.

Upon realisation, the Devil stood up went near the Ethereal and with a calm and elegant aura, wearing a faint smile on her face said “I, Inna, Devil of the night, seeing Father as a witness; choose you the Ethereal to be my first servant and accept you in my family and thereafter. I name you The Tyrant after the deeds you performed when you were living. Concreto!” “Concreta!” replied the Lord, and the both started shining brightly as spiricule from the Devil and the Lord came out started to mix up as if the two bodies had the same soul and this is called harmonisation. This spectacle went through for a while until the Devil absorbed all of the spiricules and resulting a raging storm of particles in her body as if trying reject and accept at the same time. In a while, the storm calmed itself down and the aura around the Devil soothed down. The image started to form around the spirit crystal again and the same familliar Ethereal image came up.

The Tyrant bowed a little towards the Devil as he said “I have been blessed!! Thank you, Master. Allow me to be your guide from here on to whatever conquest you wish for”. The Devil was still not out of her trance to respond since the harmonisation and fell down on the floor with a thud.

“It was quite a toll on her it seems. After all this was her first time” said the Tyrant as he laughed “Hahahahaha!!! I guess I overestimated you. Rest well, Master. I will remain by your side through eternity!! We are gonna have so much fun together. Hahahahaha!!”

Next Episode: Episode 15: Into the Void

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