Proto Armageddon (Episode 16): Finding the Relic

As the cloud of dust settled, it revealed a dark passage going further down with the spiral stairways. Inna started walking down the flight of stairs followed by the Tyrant, then Rialz and Hamir. As Rialz and Hamir reached the gate they were stopped by some invisible force field.

“Oh, forgot to tell you. No one, except a Devil and their servants, is allowed inside. Sorry, darling!” said Inna and kept walking downstairs. “So what shall I do?” asked Rialz. “How would I know? I am not your master or your fate. Do what you wish for.” Inna replied in a disconcerted manner while climbing down the stairs as if being untethered by his stupid questions.

Gradually they reached an area filled with some fluid, rich with spiricules. “Echlion huh!!! Good choice.” thought Inna. After reaching the edge of the fluid, she made herself float and reached the center of the fluid while Attir was still hovering around the room inspecting it. She touched the surface of the water with her toe and muttered “Recasio“. With a loud hissing noise, the Echlion started to sublime to reveal what it was concealing inside.

Suddenly, a large piece shining with golden light chucked itself at Inna with full speed. Inna created a ward with a flick of her finger in its response and as they clashed a thunderous shockwave released from the collision enough to make cracks in the etherium walls, which are supposed to be the strongest known substance of the ancient world.

“Master!!” Attir screamed with wonder and he was puzzled at the same time too.

“Tyrant, watch and learn. Who your master is?” replied Inna.

Inna repelled the attack with a push of her ward. The item flew back and hit the walls. The item changed its shape into a thorn and started bouncing around the walls to increase its speed and conserve the kinetic energy and launched itself towards Inna. Inna was floating quietly at the same spot with her eyes closed. As it was about to hit her, she opened her eyes and everything around became pitch black as night and slowly stars started shining around as if the whole area had been teleported to a night sky. And the same sight was reflected in her eyes.

“Do you see this Tyrant? My element is night and you are inside my Domain. How do you feel?” asked Inna.

Attir felt as if all his spiricules were fleeing away that formed his holographic image. He had lived through centuries but had never felt this terror as if he is about to be wiped out of existence by just being inside the Domain. To create a domain of your own, one needed a separate high-level mastery of their respective element along with the ridiculously high level of spiricule storage and hence was unheard of. He somehow managed to gather enough energy to reply her “Terrified, but amazed at the same time, Master. I can’t put my feelings into words. All I can say to you that I have been blessed by being your servant.”

“Hahahaha!!!! Right answer Tyrant. You will do fine as my servant. I accept your servitude. Think of it as my gratitude.”

“Yes Sire.“

Slowly the rotating thorn that was trying to hit her, started losing its rotational speeds and soon came to a stop. Inna stretched out her palm and the golden shining piece reverted back to its original shape and its intensity dimmed as it slowly hovered into her palm. She closed her palm holding the item and the area surrounding them returned to its original state and the starry nights faded away. “Look at this Tyrant, it is a rare find. This feisty thing is a Relic of the Last War.”

Link to the previous episode: Episode 15: Into the Void

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