I can’t believe I turned 29!

I turned 29 on October 15. My mind is honestly blown about how quickly time passes. Just like that, my 20’s are getting over. It’s been an eventful decade of my life. I have become a qualified doctor. I began my professional career. And just before I turned 29, I got engaged to a lovely young lady. I might get married before I turn 30!

I usually celebrate my birthday, in fact, I love to celebrate my birthday and get pampered. This year, I am lucky that my dad is also with me on my birthday. He stays abroad. My mom cooks lavish lunch for me and of course, the Bengali Chaler Payesh, without which no Bengali birthday is complete.

Payesh is an integral part when it comes to celebrating Birthdays in a Bengali household. For me, Chaler Payesh, a rice-based pudding, is nostalgia. It is a part of my growing up – no festival or occasion was ever celebrated in our house without preparing payesh, and when it’s my mom’s special payesh it had to be Chaler Payesh. I love the sight of making Payesh so much.

This year, it’s special as my birthday fell on the day of Vijayadashami. Vijayadashami is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. This day basically symbolizes the victory of the Truth over Evil. This made my birthday special this year.

But, I had to go to my hospital for duties. I, therefore, had a late lunch today, which comprised of Bengali delicacies like Pulau, Aloo jhuribhaja, Shukto, Fish curry and Prawn malai curry. My parents fed me Payesh before I had lunch.

One of my friends and colleague, Dr. Manish came to our house in the evening after his duties. I cut the cake at home. This cake was sent to me by my cousin from Prayagraj. Thanks, Guttu.

I had another cake delivered to me by Piu, who is like my elder sister. We are very close and we grew up in the same neighbourhood. I love to be pampered. Thanks, Piu.

My dad had planned for dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Ranchi, The Oriental Kitchen at the BNR Chanakya Hotel. Besides my friend Manish, Piu’s parents were also invited. They blessed me and gifted me a lovely T-shirt. We carried the second cake to the restaurant and cut the cake there. We had cream of mushroom soup, accompanied by Cheese roll and Gulaothi kabab, followed by Dal Tadka and Gosht Rogan Josh along with Laccha Paratha. The cake was the dessert.

When we returned home, my dad opened a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey to wrap up my birthday celebration. The Glenfiddich bottle was gifted to my dad by his friend Aranjit uncle when he recently visited us from New Delhi to bless me on my engagement.

My birthday celebration continued today. The Neuroscience department at Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Superspecialty Hospital celebrated my birthday today with cutting the cake; I felt privileged.

I couldn’t be happier with the way my birthday turned out. I got to spend time with everyone that I love and to have a chat with everyone who called me to greet me. It was truly an amazing time.

Thank you so much for everyone!

17 thoughts on “I can’t believe I turned 29!

  1. Birthday days are special whether you are in your twenties or fifties (like your dad and me)… I am really happy to see you had a great frolicking day…
    I am an atheist so I do not know if I am qualified to bless you but from the depth of my heart I love you and look forward to seeing you succeed in life… 👍👍

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  2. Happy belated Birthday 🙂 It is an amazing thing for you to have turned 29, especially with the brilliance of your 20s now behind you… and life is just going to get that much more amazing for you. Based on what I know about you via posts, the next decade will be the time for you and your family to shine ~ you’re part of the generation to shape our future, and it is great to know it will be in capable hands. Cheers to you!

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