Proto Armageddon (Episode 19): End of Amoris

Pacing up and down the floor like drops of sweat formed and ticked down her forehead; Amoris tried to form contact with her other brethren.

“FAILED!” rang the notification. “INSUFFICIENT INPUT!” message followed.

Roaring in anger and frustration, Amoris franticly started to search for something in her poorly managed rusty room, which looked as if could topple at any given moment. After scavenging for some time, she found what she was looking for and a faint smile started to creep on her face. But her moment of happiness did not last for long as a rift formed in front of her, and a blue clawed hand appeared through it grabbing Amoris by her neck and pulling her through the rift.

Screaming and trying to free herself from the grasp, Amoris appeared in front of Inna and Attir.

“Scoundrel! You dare do this to a GOD. Do you know the repercussions of what you just did?” screamed Amoris.

“Apologies, my lady. I had to drag you down this way. But what can I say You are a hard nut to crack. I tried so many things to make you come to this realm, but you just would not listen. Ultimately had to resolve to this.” greeted Inna.

“Ack! Ew! Ptooey ptooey!” Amoris spat on Inna’s face, “I don’t accept anything from a demon scum.”

A grin formed over Inna’s face as she gave a glare of killing intent towards Amoris and kicked her belly. As she was flying away from Inna, she grabbed Amoris’s hair and pulled and bashed it on the floor. The floor cracked where Amoris landed on her face. Inna walked to her and pulled out Amoris’s head from the floor and said “Is that enough from a demon scum?? Hahaha!!” laughing.

Amoris as she tried to recover from the blow she just suffered started thinking that where it all went wrong. She was remembering the time she first became God. How wonderful it felt to receive all the offerings and returning blessings. What happened? When did things start taking a turn away from me? She then remembered and started to search for the item she had found before being grabbed by Inna. As she reached for the item she held it tightly in her hands and started to chant Ellurie rivada and a bright light started to shine over her dispelling Inna’s hold as she rose up floating in the air and laughed “Hahhahaha!! Time for round two kid.”

Ellerio spra chanted Amoris, as she felt all high and Godly. A hyper glowing rotating magic circle formed in front of her as she aimed toward Inna. A spear of golden bright light materialized and was shot that pierced through Inna in an instant. It happened so fast that even Attir could not fathom what just happened.

“Puny insect, even the thought that you can even scratch a God is a wild goose chase. I may have been downgraded, but in no way in any instance, I am killable by demon scum.” Said Amoris with a smirk. The sperium device did its work. Although this boost will not last forever, I better wrap this up fast and said, “I guess this was enough schooling for you newbie”.

She stared down at the place where Inna was impaled and realized that something is not right. The demon who could pull a God from their realm could not be this easy to get. Then again, she was struck by a God thought Amoris as a slow-growing grin appeared on her face. Slowly she noticed that her surrounding was getting darker as if the darkness itself was embracing her. Her mind started to relax, and her body started to fatigue. Before she could react a blue whip-like tail started to coil around her neck slowly tightening the grip.

“Hello, darling. How was your dream? Was it wonderful? Alas, it is time for you to wake up. Wakey! wakey! You must be wondering How did this happen? To understand that you will have to first know that I am not just any demon scum. I am the Demon Scum!!” Inna whispered to Amoris’s ear.  “Hahahahha! I am the adopted child of THE DEMON KING, one of the Demon king candidates. So naturally, the power-up from the sperium is nothing in comparison to the real deal; hence meaningless to me. No last but not least you must have been wondering why I sought you out. What can it be? ARMAGEDDON of course.” Said Inna laughingly to which the reaction of Amoris was of total despair.

The tail grip kept tightening as the beautiful face of the God disfigured slowly. The shock of the revelation was big enough for her to lose all hope she had and surrendered thinking “Maybe this is what atonement feels like.”

“Awweee! Feeling sorry now?” said Inna. “You cannot be forgiven for the betrayal ever in this eternity. You should perish knowing that your sacrifice could have ended the last war but chose to survive and the irony it is, your death that will start this war.” 

The grip tightened at last bursting the head off with pressure building up due to obstruction in the circulation of the spiricules.

“Rugessio” chanted Inna and the scattered spiricule in the atmosphere started to condense into the Relic of the last war. After a short time of concentration and meditation, all of the Godly spiricules were successfully condensed into the Relic.

“Now Tyrant onto declaring of the initiation of the Armageddon” stated Inna.

4 thoughts on “Proto Armageddon (Episode 19): End of Amoris

  1. Nilanjana Moitra

    It seems that the story is now taking a turn. There has been a huge gap between this one and the last episode. Had to go back to understand the sequence. Please make the gap shorter. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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