Value of human life

A man asked Lord Buddha: What is the value of life? Lord Buddha gave him a stone and asked him, “Go and know about the value of the stone, but take care not to sell the stone.”

The man went to an orange seller in the market and asked him about the value of the stone. Looking at the bright Stone, Orange seller said, “You give it to me and I shall give you 12 oranges”

Further, nearby a vegetable seller saw the bright stone and said, “You can take a sack of potatoes, if you want to sell it to me”

Further in the market he went to a gold jeweller and showed it to him. Seeing it, the goldsmith said, ”You can take 5 million, if you want to sell it to me.” When the man refused, the goldsmith said, “Give it to me in 20 million or tell me at what price you want to sell.” Man said to the goldsmith, ”I cannot sell it as my Guru has asked me not to sell it.”

Then he went to a diamond jeweller and showed the stone. On seeing the invaluable ruby, the diamond jeweller put it on a red cloth and then moved around the invaluable ruby in prayer with folded hands. Then the diamond jeweller said, “This ruby is invaluable. By selling the whole universe, the whole world, it cannot be bought, no one can put a price on it.”


After that, the man returned to Lord Buddha and narrated him the whole story.  Then he asked Lord Buddha, “Now tell me, Lord, what is the value of human life? Lord Buddha replied to him:

“You showed the stone to the orange seller and he declared its price as ‘12 oranges’. You showed the stone to the vegetable seller and he declared its price as ‘1 sack of potatoes’. You showed the stone to the goldsmith and he declared its price as ‘20 million’. You showed the stone to the diamond jeweller and he declared it as invaluable.

It’s the same with human life too. Everyone as per his status, his knowledge, and his capacity shall put a different value of life. Don’t worry, You are undoubtedly a diamond! Do not worry as this world will also identify and find your true value one day.”