Proto Armageddon (Episode 3): The Bar-maid

“Finally the day has come.” she thought, as she adjusted her blouse and skirt while looking her reflection on the wine in the barrel. She had a slim figure with toned skin and her body looked to be going through the changes of puberty. She saw herself once more and ran her finger through her bob-cut blonde hair. She admired herself to be looking stunning and confidence shone on her face that she could win any heart she desired today; man or women alike. With that thought in mind, she dipped the huge jug to fill it up with wine to the brim as she could hear the shouts of the customers for more. She quickly turned and entered the dining hall. “Yoh!!! Good for nothing bastards, here is your booze.” and all the thirsty men turned towards her like a pack of wolves with their tongue out and blushed cheeks; as she went around pouring wine in their cups. The party went on till everyone was dead drunk, and why wouldnt they be as one of them had mentioned that they had caught a large hunt today and were being awarded by their boss for the hard work.

As the night grew old and its silence dawned all over the city, a loud explosion was heard in the far. But fewer people were awake or in senses to respond to that. Most were so drunk that they would be down for next few days. Although one of the men gathered enough strength to get up and go out to see what had happened, but before he could get up a blur hit him on his head with a chop of a backhand and knocked him out.

The tavern owner was at loss for words when he saw his bar maid undo her cloaking spell and revealed her true self. He murmured “Daisy!!!!!” with an expression of disbelief on his face.

The girl turned her face towards the man and glared at him with an expression of nonchalant chill in her eyes as she slowly walked towards the owner and whispered in his ear “Sorry old man, but I m not called Daisy, but since you were kind to me; I’ll return the gesture.” She bent down to the afraid owner, who started to roll out tears and was not even able to voice his screams. She kissed his forehead and whispered “Sleep!

After that, she stood up and went to the center of the building and started chanting a spell in some ancient tongue as a magic circle started forming around her and soon engulfed the whole of the building. As she finished her chanting, she opened her eyes and said “Erase” and a cylindrical beam of light came out of her body reaching the circumference of the magic circle before dissipating into particles. After the casting, she felt a little weak and numbness in her feet.

“I need to rest before I can continue,” she thought. She closed her eyes and conjured a time-glass from her personal inventory and set the mark to 115 ticks. The time-glass was a device where the flow of time was recorded according to the drop of crystal particles into a frame, where the speed of the flow of crystal was measured against the density of the spirit particles in the frame. Till all the crystals from the upper chamber emptied, it was called 1 tick and the whole process repeated itself up to the given mark. This was a very common device to be found with uber professional people, although the ingredients and spirit particle concentration would differ the sensitivity and specificity of the device. But the device she wielded was a definite hand made of the highest quality, which was proof of superior craftsmanship of the artisan.

After setting the mark on the time-glass, she started taking out her paraphernalia one by one. First, she pulled out a black light armor set which included skin-tight top wear and bottom wear into which she fitted marvelously as if it was not armor but her skin. Next, she pulled out a knife with a demon king’s crown engraved over on the hilt and a curved tip with one side of the blade was so sharp that even looking felt like would slice you and then the other side had sharp gradation like that of a mini saw. Looking at the knife it felt like it can be used for both a painful or a swift end depending on the wielder. Moreover, the emblem was surrounded with 6 gemstones of separate color and shape, which overall increased the beauty and gave an impression of royalty.

Next, she pulled a hooded cloak which was pitch black as the night sky without any stars or moon with the same emblem embroidered in gold strings. She quickly wore it over the armor. Then next she brought out a few previously magic imbued scrolls. As she was about to shut her personal inventory a ring with the same mark came out and placed itself on her right middle finger. Seeing that her face was red with anger and embarrassment as if she had swallowed shit and realized a little too late. After she calmed herself down; she looked towards the timer which showed 30 ticks left to mark. She smiled to herself as to able to break her own record on getting ready which was previously 100 ticks.

With a smile, she sat cross-legged and started preparing the spells since some spells had huge activation time and were too much taxing on the spirit so preparing them beforehand always comes handy. Thus she concentrated on preparing and storing spells. At her level, she could only store up to 30000 spiricules (spirit particles) worth of spells. Medium level spells would range from 1000 spiricules to 10000 spiricules depending on the damage or warding on impact and also on the level of the caster. Thus at her level, she could cast average spells while in battle with a small penalty but large spells were still out of her reach to use in battle. Thus she prepared two large offensive spells and 5 more than average defensive spells and stored them. As she was about the finish, the time-glass reached its mark and sounded the alarm.

“You don’t need to prop me up. I am ready, Father,” she murmured.

A voice replied back to her in her head “Are you now? I am still against your plan. You should have gathered more information. Every time what is….” but was interrupted by her “… in front of you it may not be true. I already know that. But I don’t have time. It’s now or never FATHER.”

The voice sighed “Huh!!! Do as you see fit but remember I will always be there for you and you dare not remove that ring little one.”

The girl clawed upwards as confidence shone brightly on her face and she climbed the roof of the building.

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  2. Danny

    You know what i’m gonna say bro. Keep me intrigued and never let me stop reading it. Waiting for that brain of yours to spawn another grand episode…love it.

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