Proto Armageddon (Episode 4): Wolfians

Having reached the rooftop of the tavern, the hooded girl in the black armor was viewing the city from above as she heard a lot of ruckus happening around in an otherwise quiet city. She was in the city of Amora; named after ‘Amoris’ the God of the fertility of the Wolfian tribe of the Angoda continent. These Wolfian tribesmen have always been known for their rusty attitude and warring nature. Once a powerful kingdom in all of Angoda was now cornered down to but a city in the Borderlands where living was but an everyday challenge.

During their ruling days over the continent, they had unleased many atrocities and suffering on the people of Angoda. Being a war clan they were always into wars, raiding and pillaging the land, draining the land and its people of their resources. Hence a few stronger tribes came together in order to rebel against them and form the Alliance of Angoda. Since one of the strong points of the Wolfians was their strength in numbers, which allowed them to form a massive army; the Alliance planned to strike them where it would hurt them the most. Firstly, they commenced multiple instances of genocides on their tribesmen until they were reduced to half by using forbidden means and finally cast a spell to reduce their fertility to less than 1/10th of what it used to be. This  forced them to retreat towards the Borderlands, where the Alliance influence was minimal due to the distance and also it was an uncharted land. In the hopes of dispelling the curse to bring its tribe back to its former glory, they started worshiping Amoris.

Standing upon the rooftop of the tavern of this city, she was gazing over the city under the veil of the night. She looked towards the center of the city where a lot of Wolfians guards had gathered wielding their weapons and were being ordered by a long-bearded well built Wolfian who looked like their leader. The leader was wearing a multiple-colored crystal-embedded necklace. The crystals looked like mini transmitters. These crystals were powered by the spiritual energy of the wielder and were able to detect the change in the flow of energy and transmit them further to other crystals — cut from the same mother stone. Hence if a tribesman wearing the same crystals had any change in the flow of the spiritual energy that occurred too fast, like if he had been killed, it would give off the position of the wielder who was killed.

Suddenly she sensed someone clawing towards the rooftop and she went behind the chimney to hide in its shadow. She looked upwards and realized that the snipers (long-ranged attackers) had been positioned on every vantage point to cover and scan the whole city in search of the culprit of the explosion. The tribesmen gathered near the fountain had dismissed and spread out in the city. Soon, one of the tribesmen came towards the tavern and went inside to check when he realized that all his men had been intoxicated by the use of some unknown substance and they were out for good. The guard called for their leader. As soon she saw this flow of events she started activating a spell which she had already placed before. As the leader with his three men entered the tavern she whispered “Crumble” and all of the tavern collapsed as if it was hit by an earthquake. She hoped that this spell would be able to incapacitate the leader for a while and buy her some time.

Using the smoke of the dust of the rubble and darkness of the night as cover, she escaped from the area into a dark alleyway which had a sewer line running below it that connected to the stone castle on top of an elevated piece of land towards the northern side of the city, which overlooked the whole city. The collapse indeed was able to gather a lot of attraction towards it, which made the patrolling thinner. She chanted a few words and said “Discover” and a holographic multi-dimensional map of the city according to the gathered information and spiricule concentration formed around her. She made the last few checks on the map and whispered to herself with a smirk “Let’s get the party started!!” as she entered the sewer, which led towards the castle.

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