Proto Armageddon (Episode 5): The Intruder

Two of the tribesmen patrolling down a stony corridor wearing a half helmet with an arrow-like projection going downwards from both sides up to the jaw and another descended from the center covering the nostrils as they lacked nose bridges. Those men had well-developed muscles which were mostly the case with Wolfians and their sharp hearing capabilities through their triangular, edged ears on their head which protruded out of the helmet. These were what made them brilliant warriors along with their affinity towards offensive magic which made them worthy opponents.

“Did you hear what’s going in the city?” asked one of the guards.

“Yeah, it sure is noisy out there. I heard that Maiden’s Tavern just collapsed. Man, they had some awesome wines. I’ll surely miss that one” replied the other with a chuckle.

“Only the tavern?? I thought the owner was your sister’s 4th husband.”

“That guy was just plain as day. Someone boring and the kind that deserves to die.”

“It is no time to be slacking off you fools. We have definitely been invaded. Put your guards up. Or I’ll come and hang you upside down from the flagstaff of the eastern tower.” said a voice behind their head, which seemed to be agitated and hearing him made them alert.

“But sir, it’s been over 100 years that we were last invaded. No one can pass through Gungmar in the city.” Said the other guard on the patrol.

With a heavy tone, the voice replied “He went down with the Maiden’s tavern. I think the invaders are in the sewers. I have issued an order to cover all the sewer exits inside and around the castle and kill the invader at sight. Run towards your nearest entry point and stay on guard. Inform me of every detail.”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison and ran towards the end of the corridor and entered a room. They took up a position on the side opposite to the barred arched gate to the sewer. “If the invaders are in the sewer they should be sure dead by now. Gungmar’s pets have not been fed in years they must be hungry.” said one of them.

“Shh….!! I hear something,” the other guard went towards the gate and tried to listen harder the sound that came from the sewer. But before he could apprehend the mysterious sound; the door exploded and a beast came flying out of it, which looked like an oversized hybrid of a rat and a dog.

The other guard was at awe at what had happened. He just saw the draug come flying out of the sewer exploding the entry and was now lying unconscious over the guard crushing his bones. He turned his gaze towards the exploded gate to see what caused these events and peeked into the sewer and he saw a line of corpses of draugs lying either disemboweled or cut into two or just lying unconscious out of exhaustion and their blood and gut were splattered all over the sewer walls. Unable to believe what he saw since there were only two tribesmen capable of performing this feat as one was Gungmar, who went down with the tavern and other was Hungir who was out of the city on that day. He was trying to assess what kind of monsters have invaded their castle just then he felt a cut on his throat from which blood started to gush out as his vision slowly blacked out.

The other guard gained his consciousness as he realized he was not able to move since his bones were crushed due to the draug lying over his body. Then he started searching for his partner when his vision fell on a black hooded figure slitting his companion’s throat. The figure turned and gradually started approaching him; that is when he saw her clearly and with terror in his eyes he started to analyze: Blue colored toned skin with teenage looks wearing a black hooded cloak armor marked with Demon King’s Crown in gold and two developing horns along with a blue pointy tail covered with scales. A cold sweat formed over his forehead as the realization dawned upon him and with all the strength that he could muster, he said ” You… You are the Night Devil! You are the one who reigned havoc in the Nortim City last year. But why… why are you here?” he gasped for breath.

A grin formed on her blue face as she bent down and whispered back in his ears: “Even though I cant understand your tongue fluently but i think you said my name so I am honored that you have heard about me, but I go by the name Inna of the Night these days” and pierced her knife into his chest. Then she stood up and jerked her blade to shake off the blood from it. She sighed looking around her as she then knew that her arrival had been announced and she should hope for a warm welcome soon and said ” Huh!! So much for being stealthy.”

Somewhere near the city gates a bulky, handsome looking Wolfian man rode in on a wygor (wyvren and ugor crossbreed) and stared into the chaos brewing in the city. All the guards have been running around here and there with no coordination between them. He furrowed his brows as he went near one of the guards and picked him up by the nape of his neck.

The guard was shivering at the sight of the man who picked him up and while stammering he said, “H..Hu..Hungir sire. Y..You are back!!”

Glaring at the guard and with a heavy tone, he replied “Yes, and now thanks to you. What in this world is going on here?”

“Sire, there are reports of an intruder.”

“Who in their right mind would dare to invade the city of Amoris when I am the master of the city and where is Gungmar?? And what did you say it was just one intruder?? Who is that intruder??” he said to the guard while shaking up real good so as the guard almost peed.

“S…Si..Sire. The reports say that Sire Gungmar has been taken out, and the intruder is supposed to be the infamous Devil Night.” He replied while sweating profusely.

“Hahaha!!!!! So we finally get the chance to meet Devil Night. I’ll go and kill that devil and you make sure to take care of Gungmar and bring order to my city” he threw the guard away from him as he issued the order.

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