Proto Armageddon (Episode 12): Powered up

“Where are my kids? Am I on the right floor? She said that they were supposed to be here!” said Rialz. As he crossed through the alley he came across a prison with chained up people, who looked weak and pale with high malnutrition. “What happened here? Who are you?” he asked one of the men who hid in the veil of darkness upon hearing his voice. Rialz hurriedly opened the prison door. “Come, you are free now.” Even the rest of them hid out of the light. Disappointed Rialz asked with anger in his tone “What’s the matter with you guys? Come; I don’t have much time. I need to save my kids.”

“They will not accept your generous proposal.” said a man in black who came out of the darkness of the shadow and stepped into the light. “Hamir, Nice to see you. You seem well,” said Rialz.

“Surprisingly you too! I did not find your body so I guessed you might not be alive, but actually seeing you in person does give me real pleasure. But I am curious about what happened? You seem to have overcome your despair very soon. It seems your attachment to your kids was just all talk.” said Hamir.

“Well at least I am not someone’s lapdog to repent for my mistakes,” said Rialz with a smirk.

“You know nothing about me. or my Lord. I will prove that while wiping that smirk off.” said Hamir as he flew towards him with a kick to aim towards the chest, but before he could land the hit, Rialz brought his hand up to block and it connected but due to the shockwave, Rialz just flew back and went through a couple of walls breaking them and at last, got buried in the debris. “You are too full of yourself. As I mentioned earlier all talk.”

Rialz removed the debris from his body and was trying to get up when another kick came flying aimed towards his face. He stopped the assault by catching the feet in the air with his palm saying: “We will find that out soon. Itatmish libere Nos.” As he finished the spell his white hair turned sparkling blue as it glowed brightly so did his eyes.

The table just turned. Even though Hamir was an expert at close combat but powered up Rialz had his senses and reflexes had improved tenfolds. Every hit that Hamir threw at Rialz, would get blocked and he would copy the move and hit Hamir with greater force. This turned up to be battle of attrition, and it was quite evident Hamir was loosing at it. As they fought the whole prison suffered damage from the shockwaves produced by the exchange of hits.

Hamir started to get tired and Rialz took the opportunity to hit him with an uppercut and he flew up in the air and as he was falling down Rialz kicked him in the back towards the floor. As Hamir landed, the whole floor cracked and both of them fell through the floor.

Rialz stood up first, but as his power up reached its limit, his color came back to original white and he vomited up blood. “So you did take damage from my hits,” said Hamir as he tried to get up but due to a few broken bones just turned and lied down supine while taking deep breaths.

“So you kids had fun.” said the Devil as she appeared out of the black mist. “You did a great job Rialz finding this place. I didn’t think you had it in you.” After hearing her words Rialz noticed his surroundings and saw a gate engraved with inscriptions. She took out a tube filled with multicolored spicules colliding against each other trying to be free. “Now let’s start Phase-II.”

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