Proto Armageddon (Episode 11): The Sadist

“His body could not be found mi Lord. We searched the whole and nearby areas of the forest. It’s unnaturally dark tonight. Half of the search party did not even return from the expedition and they are believed to be lost.” said the Butler.

“No point in searching for him anymore, Hamir. His bond with me has been severed. Even if you find him, I won’t be able to resurrect him. He has most certainly passed away. What troubles me is how did it happen so fast? Generally, the bond weakens over a period of time before disappearing.” said the agitated Lord.

“Master maybe he still had some will left in his soul to let him pass away so fast. I am sure it was painful to even in his last moments.” consoled the Butler.

“You may be right but I still don’t feel calm about all of this. It feels like a very bad omen after he has arrived Nortim City.” said the Lord while he went towards the window and looked outside. “Why the hell does the night sky feel so suffocating and why is it so dark like the void tonight? It smells like death and nightmare. It is making me cautious.”

“Master! Master!” screamed at top of her voice a maid, who belonged to Frisium race, came running to the throne room. “You are too loud. Calm down and speak in a low voice. Lord is already agitated tonight.” said the concerned Butler. “Sire, my apologies. But someone has entered the prison layer and heading towards the underground altar.” said the maid in a nervous tone.

“Go, take care of it Hamir.” said the Lord and the Butler vanished in a lightning speed rushing out of the room. “And for you.” he turned towards the maid and walked closer to her. “You came at the right time for me to let out some of my steam.” saying that he summoned a whip in each hand started to whiplash at the poor women. The maid kept her eyes closed tightly as she knew what was coming. All of her previous memories flashed to her — of her being tied in the prison layer and being caressed by the Lord of her timid, lean fur body while lashed by the whips continuously for thousands of ticks. Sometimes he would just punch continuously on her beautiful fox-like face and shave her fur of her body just to see her glowing skin, which was characteristic of the Frisium race. She used to scream for help but no one would come. With every scream, the lashing used to get more severe. The only other sound present was that of the laugh of the Lord. In some of the worse days, the Lord would lash her then rape her then lash her then rape her and this would go on and on till she would die of exhaustion and pain. Then he would resurrect her and repeat the process. Every day, since she was brought to the castle she has only wished for being rescued. She prayed to every God known to her for years. At last, out of frustration, she performed the blood pact as being a Frisium she was natural at it as they have always been good at pact based spells to contact a Devil and sold her soul away even when she knew this is the biggest sin to sacrifice own soul.

The Lord hit the maid with his whip but to his surprise the whip just brushed her. The agitated Lord got angrier and used more force next time and this time the whip bounced back with the equal amount force. The frustration and anger were clearly visible on his face. “Accelor” he murmured and with smile on his face he started to hit her at an accelerated rate. His hands moved so fast that they almost became difficult to follow by any normal being. The hits had enough power in them to destroy blocks of concrete. But every time his hit landed on the body of that timid girl they bounced back with equal force. Seeing this he went berserk and unleashed all of his force on that girl. But everything and anything he did just bounced back. Slowly his facial expressions changed to that of despair as he was losing every hope of a successful hit. After trying for long he got tired and stopped.

The Lord failed to notice that when he was hitting the girl, the night got darker and darker. Now when he looked around, his well-illuminated room had turned into a dim-lit area like someone was in a cave holding a torch. This scared the shit out of him. He almost wet himself. “You, what did you do?” screamed the lord at the maid. She slowly opened her eyes  and saw the pitiful face of the Lord and smiled. A blue pointy tail started to wrap around the Lord’s neck as if to suffocate him. The lord got scared to the point where he was sweating like pigs and he peed where he was standing. Seeing this the maid started to laugh like a psycho. “You, a wretched girl. You had the nerve to contact a Devil in this blessed city. Your sin will not be forgiven by any God. Your soul will be tainted and will never be able to seek peace.”

“I think you should worry about yourself and leave that poor girl alone. Who needs a God’s forgiveness when you can’t even get his or her blessings. You think that she is the only one to summon me here. Do I look like I come at such a cheap price. The whole of your city paid the price to summon me. And you will be surprised that the payment was made in full and in advance. What kind of Lord are you Attir if you don’t even know how many of your people and property have been missing. Hehehehe!!!” said the devil who had her tail around the Lord’s neck with a smirk.

Hearing this the Lord went in shock. His color faded. She was indeed correct. Listening these words jolted his memory, since last week he has been hearing about disappearance of many of his slaves and crumbling of his human trafficking network. His eyes opened wide with realization and asked “How do you know my name? Since when have you been planning all this?”

“Don’t think so highly of you. It’s just been a month. Your system had so many holes in it that making it fall was as easy as blowing a house of cards. And all the information I received from those tasty souls I devoured was good enough. The first rule of a system is for not letting everyone know about everything. You fool don’t even know that and you call yourself a Lord. Ha hah hahaha!!”, Then her face turned serious and her voice became heavy as she said “It’s not even funny.”

After giving a life lesson to a dying man she started to tighten her grip around his neck with her tail at a very very slow pace. His face started to swell as his eyes started to pop out of his sockets. His last effort of survival was seen as he scratched the tail while trying to lose his grip. But all his efforts were in vain since his fate had already been decided the moment her tail encircled his neck. She kept tightening the grip at a very slow pace as if to make him relive all those moments that he had made others suffer. But to her surprise the last words he said before his head blew up were “Fuck You!!”

On hearing that she started laughing heartily and “Feisty one till death eh!! Hahahhahahahaa!!”

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