Proto Armageddon (Episode 13): The New Resolve

In a dark and chilly night; a Shizian child ran to his mother who was making dinner and hugged her. “Mama, what are you cooking tonight? I’m hungry!!!” said the prepubescent boy while still hugging his mom.

“Don’t you disturb your poor mother she has been ill lately. So, stay away and let her work.” said the father as he came inside the house looking all tired, sweaty and dirty. “Today’s work in the fields was overexerting. I hope to get a better harvest this time. I leave you to at peace and proceed towards the bath” he continued while opening his clothes. He then wrapped himself in a towel and went to take a shower.

“Go follow up on your father’s footsteps. You are dirtying the kitchen son.” said the mother. After washing up the whole family sat down in there living room on the floor and started eating. “So you guys had a hard working day today.” said the mother. “Yes momma, the harvest is almost near and thus the workload is ten-folds. Uncle Sui has been not up to his full potential since his daughter has been recruited for the army. So we helped him too, momma.” said the boy with his mouthful. “One mustn’t speak when while chewing son or you will choke!!” said the worried father as they continued their dinner.

Smoke started entering the room through the ventilators. The stuffiness inside made it difficult for the Shizian boy in slumber to breathe. As he woke up, next to him he saw his mother with a terrified expression on her face looking outside the window. He turned to look for his father but was nowhere to be seen. “Where is papa?” asked the boy. The mother turned to look at the boy and pulled him towards embracing him tightly to her chest. She patted his head and said “Don’t worry he will be back soon son. The fields have caught fire and your father went to check.” The boy peeked through a window and the night sky had been dyed orange due to the fire as ash and smoke had covered up the stars. The kid broke free from his mother’s grasp and ran out of their house.

After reaching the fields he shouted “Father! Father!”, but heard no reply. In the moment of despair he started running into the burning fields and behind him followed his mother. As they kept running into the fields, a sight got caught at the corner of the boy’s eyes which brought him at a standstill. His mother shouted at him as she got hold of him and started to shake him in anger and frustration but the boy was just standing there with a blank expression on his face while staring straight ahead. The mother turned to see where her son was looking and fell on her knees at the sight of her husband hanging from a stand where there used to be a scarecrow in middle of the field.

The wind started blowing faster resulting in intensifying the flames. The heat brought him to senses and he looked towards his mother as the fire was about to touch her. He grabbed her and started pulling his mother towards the edge to protect themselves from the burns.

While they were running trying to escape the fire it would mystically follow them. Soon they were surrounded by the fire. It started to grow stronger as the fire started closing in. The heat started burning their skin and as the smoke made it difficult to breathe. The lady had lost her consciousness since she saw her husband hanging and the fire trying to devour the lifeless body. The kid out of frustration, anger and sorrow screamed at the top of his voice “Somebody help!! Anyone anybody just helps!!”; while wiping tears rolling down his face.

Whoosh!! An Azgorian male bit older than the boy appeared in front of them in a flash. The boy was exhausted and he fainted. As his vision became blurry, he saw the male wearing a white oversized silk gown laced with golden strings take out a fan and started waving his hand, and the boy resumed his slumber.

A lot of voices and screams rang into his ears as the boy started waking up and bright sunlight blinded him. He looked around while rubbing his eyes and saw hordes of burnt and unburnt bodies giving off the pungent odor placed in lines, to make it possible for identifications by their loved ones. Then he turned his head towards the other side where he saw the flames slowly dying out of the field along with some smoke still coming off the burnt houses. Then suddenly the realization dawned him and he started running towards the fields.

The Azgorian male again appeared in front of him and said “Are you going to die even after I just saved your life? You are free to do so. It is your life, after all”. After a pause, he continued. “The man hanging on the post was burnt to a crisp so nothing is left of him and for the lady she was burnt beyond any recovery and was suffering so I had to relieve her of her pain. I thought of ending your suffering too but your will for impressive survival was strong and I cast the spell. Praise to Al-Zeera that the spell worked although it took quite a life force out of me to save you. So technically your life is not completely yours anymore as some of it is infused with my spiricules.” After hearing those words the Shizan boy fell down on his knees and started to cry at the top of his voice.

The male in white got nervous thinking did he say something inappropriate and tore a piece from his gown and extended towards the boy saying: “Now! Now! let’s not dwell in the past. If you have nowhere to go; you can come with me and be my aide. I always wanted one and you look promising. By the way, I never got the chance to get your name.” The boy slowly stood up took the piece of cloth and started wiping his face. The male in white without waiting for the reply turned and started walking away from the boy when he heard a muttering “H…a…m…i…r”.

“Sorry what??” said the confused Azgorian.

“I said Hamir. At your service from now and forever.” replied the Shizian boy.

With a grin in his face, the Azgorian said “Nice to meet you Hamir. I am known as Attir. We are gonna have so much fun together you have absolutely no idea. Hahahahaha!!!”

4 thoughts on “Proto Armageddon (Episode 13): The New Resolve

  1. Very tragic story to read about all the hard work in the fields coming to a nought like this….the flames engulfing the family leaving the young boy in the hands of the Azgorian!

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