Basbousa | “Just a Kiss” cake

Today, my friend and colleague Ali Abdul Salam brought Basbousa in the office, especially for me! I was surprised.

Today is the first day of one of the major Indian calendars – Vikrami Samvat and what a sweet way to begin the New Year! Today is also the first day of a 9-day Hindu festival: Navaratri.

Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern cake made with semolina flour, yogurt, and soaked in a sweet syrup. It is often flavored with rose water, orange blossom water, or coconut. It is easy to make and very delicious!

Basbousa is also known by different names in different regions, such as harissa, namoura, revani, or gabelouz. It is usually served on special occasions, such as Eid al-Fitr, weddings, or birthdays. But you can also enjoy it anytime you crave something sweet and moist.

Arabic sweets originate from many different cultures due to civilizations that occupied the region, such as the Ottomans and Mamluks. These sweets are very unique in their taste and special ingredients are used when they are made.

The word basbousa is Arabic for ‘Just a Kiss’, and this lovely cake certainly lives up to its name!

You made my day today, Ali. Thanks a lot!

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