Proto Armageddon (Episode 7): Rage Mode

A soldier came running towards a huge, heavy built, tall Wolfian man and says while gasping for air “Si…re……h..u..h……th…” when he was interrupted by the man “Stop. Drink some water and take a deep breadth before you open your mouth.”

The soldier obediently followed as ordered and after a deep breadth started again “Sire Gungmar. Greetings!! Sorry to interrupt you. But there has been a problem in the sector 24. A Shizian male has gone berserk and has killed a lot of our soldiers. We are unable to st..o..p” but before he could complete his sentence; Gungmar swung his great sword with one hand in a circular motion and decapitated the soldier. After he jerked the blood off his blade, he picked up a cloth and wiped the remaining stains while muttering “If you can’t even handle a Shizian, I have no need for you.” He turned and started walking towards the sector 24.

As Rialz used the forbidden spell Itatmish Libere his tail uncurled itself and the scale got erected to become thorns, his body hair changed red matching the colors of his eyes. His vision became red and he lost his sanity to the rage and went on Berserk mode. The next few bloody moments of his life he would only have nightmares. The spell was very sacred as well as forbidden for the Shizians. The lore was that they were known to be very peace loving and docile tribesmen. This ended up with them being tortured and abused most of their pitiful lives. To prevent extinction of their tribe, their elders made a deal with the Devil and committed the gravest sin of all times as they sacrificed their souls to curse their tribesmen with the spell which at the moment of utter despair they could activate and in turn use ones spirit energy while giving them extreme abilities such as super-strength, super-acceleration and increased all their body stats to the max level for a temporary period. As one’s spirit energy dried out; the person would wither as his soul would be lost forever. The person in rage would not be able to distinguish friends from foes and hence would not be very useful in the battles. So later as peace returned to the world the spell was forbidden from use.

Rialz appeared behind both soldiers grabbing them by their necks while piercing the first one with his tail and throwing the second through the roof. In reaction to the ruckus, soldiers from his neighboring rooms started coming out and pouring into his in an attempt to surround him. About twenty of them gathered and surrounded him. He glared at them with boodlust which ran a shiver through their bones. But, they were Wolfians, and they would never show their backs, so stood there waiting for an opening to strike. Rialz pierced his tail through the wooden floor and made a swirl. The old and weakened floor collapsed as it took all the soldiers along with them but Rialz held onto the beam which seemed strong enough to bear his weight. Then jumped to the lower floor to finish his job. He pierced some of them with his tail, some he just stomped their faces to paste and rest he tore them to pieces with his bare hand and brutal strength.

A few more soldiers came to try their luck but met similar end. Rialz was so consumed in shredding their bodies that his senses failed to notice a flying gratesword which grazed his face and then impaled it self in to the wall. This brought his attention towards outside the building. There was a huge Wolfian standing in the open inviting him to attack. Obviously he was tempted and ran towards him with his pointed blood stained tail aimed towards Gungmar’s chest. Gungmar held Rialz’s tail with ease as if catching a bug and then whipped him around until the Berserk mode died down and the hair color returned normal.

On seeing Rialz’s battered body; Gungmar was suprised and laughed heartily for while then said in exclamtion “I thought there was nothing more that I could see in this LIFE!!! He is not just any Shizian. He is a rare even among the rares. He is a white Shizian; whose occurrence is once in a hundreds of eons. With good training they are able to control the Berserk mode and even replenish the spirit energy if not emptied. Legends said that there were many Heroes during the previous Great wars who were white Shizians and that they were a force to be reckoned with. But unfortunately for him; as he was born during the peace times, he received no such training and went amok. So much for Legends.”

He pointed towards a soldier who stood in shock to this whole incident “You there carry him with you to the prisoners’ carriage, while I decide what to do with him later and get him in a separate cell. I am not gonna lose any more of my men to him.” As he said those words he walked towards his wygor with a mild victory grin on his face.

5 thoughts on “Proto Armageddon (Episode 7): Rage Mode

  1. Wow Judha, that was fast and therefore could connect without going back to the previous episode. It’s a gripping storyline so please don’t give too much gap between the episodes. Keep up the tempo, waiting with bated breath for the next one. Cheers…👍👍

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    1. Sure sir. Will try very best. Thank you for your comments. I started at a very wrong time. The story in my head has gone quite ahead. So yah. I have content for the time being. If you any suggestions regarding the plots or dialogues i would like to know. Thanks, again.

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  2. Temsuakum Longkumer

    I like how the story is going on. Wolf and lizardman. Mainly the twist from the last chapter. Thought it was a prayer or so before the final fight to death. Never imagined it was a trigger word for something epic. Keep up the creativity . Story is going in a fine way.

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