Proto Armageddon (Episode 8): Pledge of Servitude

An Azgorian male was pacing inside the room, who seemed to be waiting for someone. He was nervous and sweating, and kept pacing between the door and the fancy built throne for the host of the room. The room was a well-furnished living room, with fancy gold-plated wall lamps having tinted glass mounted all around, along with an over-expensive chandelier laced with multiple transparent gems, which spread the light in the room in a very colorful pattern hanging from the roof. This whole ambiance was created to amaze anyone who would step inside. But all this seems to be not affecting the man in any manner.

The man who was about 7-ft tall lean and thin male wearing a fancy laced oversized shirt which was sufficient to hide his groin until mid-thigh. He chose to leave the lowers away and that showed his thin woody legs; which was a pitiful sight to see — pointy things holding up the whole weight. For footwear, he wore Nagra shoes, which are triangular towards the front edge with a curved tip, which hid his sharp pointy 3 claws. The Azgorian brought out his arm out of the oversized sleeve which was identical to his legs, same thin woody limbs with curled up pointy claws to scratch his round feathery head, which had become wet with his continuous sweating.

Even after his pacing to and fro, his wait was seeming endless. He got tired and walked to the throne which was made from dragon bones — one of the costliest and rarest materials to be found and hard to craft, but there it was. This proved the money and dominance of the Azgorian as he sat on the throne and rested one of his arms over the armrest and the other he folded upwards to rest his head. As his patience was coming to end he heard a knock and a smile bloomed on his face.

“What is it?” he said. “Sire Gungmar is in the castle and requests your audience.” said the maid, who knocked the door from outside of the room. “Send him in then,” he said in a dominating cocky voice.

A few footsteps could be heard approaching the room from the far along with dragging of chains. After a few minutes entered Gungmar. He bowed his head respectfully and said “Greetings! Lord Attir.” “You are late, Gungmar. That is so not like you.” said the man on the throne.

“My apologies, humble Lord. But I brought gifts of your taste. I have come to know that you like to collect rare items.” said Gungmar as he clapped his hand to signal his soldiers to bring in whatever it was.

Attir disappeared from his throne and appeared in front of him with his pointy claws drawn just a hair away from his throat and said “Don’t be so cocky since you are Hungmir’s right hand. Nothing is stopping me from killing you other than your usefulness. So don’t tempt me.” But before he could finish his words it stopped to look what was behind him and looked in amazement with broadly rounded eyes. “You certainly have outdone yourself this time and hence I’ll let you go.” As he retracted his claws away and dusted his clothes just to make sure while walking towards the gift Gungmar came bearing. “Now, now. What do we have here? A white Shizian male. You were not lying when you said you brought a rare find. You will be well rewarded for this. Go meet Hamir, he will make all the arrangements for your delivery.”

“My Lord!” he turned and left as he signaled other soldiers to follow.

The prisoner was bound in enchanted chains and gagged which kept him sedated so as to stop him from going berserk. Attir went close to him staring with pity and murmured “Levian Libere” and the whole enchantment wared off. As the chains withered into dust. Slowly the man opened his eyes and saw Attir blurred as the effects of sedation were weaning off. The man somehow came to his knees and fell on his feet and said: “My Lord, please let me find my kids and I will do anything you desire of me.”

“One should always state their name first before stating their request.” said the Lord.

“I am known as Rialz, I will be your humble servant for my life just let me have my kids.”

“Hmmm…… Okay. But you need to pledge your loyalty first.”

“Anything, my lord.”

Attir started chanting a spell “Nexus Idous Lovaga” and a black tattoo started forming around Rialz’s neck as he started screaming in pain like someone was choking him with a sharp thin wire. The process lasted for a few minutes until the tattoo formed a complete circle. The tattoo looked a barbed wire tightening around his neck.

“It’s done.” you are mine from today and forever.

“You can meet you, children, once you reach your quarters. Hamir, take this man to his room.” Attir turned and started to walk towards the throne and sat there with an expression of satisfaction. Hamir wearing a butler suit came inside from behind the curtain bowed deep and said: “As you wish, my lord.” He picked up Rialz who was still in pain and unable to speak but muttered in a low voice “Thank you. mi Lord. I will serve you until I die.” Then he started following Hamir.

After passing through a couple of corridors and going down a flight of stairs they reached a dim-lit corridor and stopped in front of a door. Hamir, who was also a Shizian male opened the door and shoved Rialz inside and said: “From now on you are to live here.”

“But my kids? Lord promised.”

“Yes, about that you will be able to see them soon enough. Now clean yourself and get some rest. Lots of work are to be done tomorrow.” said Hamir as he shut the door with a bang.

“No! No! Please let me see my children. I will do anything.” screamed Rialz as he banged on the door. As he got tired and stopped while calming himself down he thought “Lord promised so I will be able to see my kids.” Just then he heard a knock and from behind the door he heard a soft voice calling “Papa!”

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