Proto Armageddon | Episode 7: Rage Mode

5 thoughts on “Proto Armageddon | Episode 7: Rage Mode”

  1. Wow Judha, that was fast and therefore could connect without going back to the previous episode. It’s a gripping storyline so please don’t give too much gap between the episodes. Keep up the tempo, waiting with bated breath for the next one. Cheers…👍👍

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    1. Sure sir. Will try very best. Thank you for your comments. I started at a very wrong time. The story in my head has gone quite ahead. So yah. I have content for the time being. If you any suggestions regarding the plots or dialogues i would like to know. Thanks, again.

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  2. I like how the story is going on. Wolf and lizardman. Mainly the twist from the last chapter. Thought it was a prayer or so before the final fight to death. Never imagined it was a trigger word for something epic. Keep up the creativity . Story is going in a fine way.

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