Proto Armageddon (Episode 9): Depths of Despair

Rialz walked up the flight of stairs before reaching the top of the tower of the eastern wall, which looked over a cliff on one side followed by a densely populated forest, while on the other was the whole view of Nortim city. He went towards the edge of the tower to have a glimpse of the outside since he had never been out of the castle. When he looked afar he saw a well-bounded city with high walls, which would not allow anyone to see the horizon even from the highest point in the city. As his view fell in the city he saw a better-civilized city than the ruins on the other side of the walls, where he was staying. The people looked prosperous and happy. He waited for Lord Attir, who had summoned him earlier while feeling the soft breeze of the dusk on his hair, as he looked up towards the sky and thanked God for the life he has got.

Earlier in the day — “How is he now?” said the Azgorian Lord while soaking himself in the limestone bathtub surrounded by lather around him in a dim-lit room. “Sire, he is holding up just fine. He seems to be ready.” said the Butler while rubbing his master’s back with pubis stone. “I believe you are right. It’s been a month after all. Fine! Summon him for me; will you??”

“You look healthy Rialz.” said the Lord while appearing out of the black mist that appeared right behind him. “By your mercy mi Lord,” said Rialz bowing to him with respect.

“How are your kids? Are they doing well.”

“Thank you mi Lord. With your grace, they are becoming more accustomed here. But they seem a li’l different than before. I think they still need time to recover from the shock. After they lost their mother I became everything for them. But you don’t need to worry about them. I think slowly they will come back to their natural self… soon enough.”

“Good, but how can I not trouble myself when my loyal servant is troubled. I should just summon them here to feel the fresh air.”

“You must not trouble yourself with these petty matters.” said Rialz but was shushed by the Lord “Today I summoned you here to reward you for your loyalty anyways” and he clapped his hands twice. After a few ticks, the Butler in black arrived with the two kids.

“It’s been a month you were given a chance to touch or kiss them. Consider this your lucky day. I am in a good mood today anyway.” said the Lord as he signaled the Butler in black to release the kids. “Papa! Papa!” screamed in unison a boy and a girl, twins by birth, ran towards their father for the fated reunion. Rialz was overwhelmed since this was the first time he would be able to make physical contact with his kids since he was brought here. The kids leaped towards him get into his brace while their father oppened his arms in an attempt to catch them.

And then to his shock the kids flew threw him!! His heart skipped a beat and he turned to look behind and saw them falling over the edge of the tower. His mind went blank. Every cell in his body just froze in shock. Everything around him came to standstill. The kids falling off the tower, he pulling his hands out to reach them and as he was about to be able to grab their small hands, they slipped through. That was the moment he realized what just happened and felt as if all hell had broken loose. Everything around him went dark. The only thing he could hear was the loud laughter of a man. His body hair changed to black and instictively Rialz launched towards the voice but before he could even land a hit he was kicked on his abdomen by the Butler and his trance broke as he could feel the gravity pulling while going down all the way from the tower with tears bursting out from his eyes.

“Excelent!! Amazing!! Beautiful!! Fabulous!!” said the Lord as he continued to laugh. “Its been ages I have had such an entertainment. Only I know how much I had to prepare and wait patiently for the exact moment to taste this despair on his face. Everything went as planned! He actually surpassed the limitations of the curse and dared to attack me, but I had a closer look at his face and the expression of utter despair in his eyes was exquisite. Pull him up later, I’ll call the ressurectiom on him. This was the best moment in a VERY VERY long time! Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hahahahahhaaaaaa!!!!!!”

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