Proto Armageddon (Episode 10): Fated Union

“What happened? Am I dead?” said white Shizian trying to open his eyes while clearing out the blur to adjust his vision. He tried to get up but felt an explosion of pain raging through his body. He tried to suppress the urge to scream but failed in the attempt and let out a loud moan while perspiring. He saw a shadow appear in front of him out of a black mist. He thought it was the Lord and his black rage mode started to activate, but his body was not strong enough to deal with its adverse effects and as a result, his wounds opened up and his joints started to bleed as well as his bones started to crack with a loud sound. He started to scream at the top of his voice in response to his excruciating pain. A hand came out of the shadow and tapped his forehead and said “Stupium”. His body started to react to the words as his eyes became heavy with sleep. “Man you are unbelievable, it took me so much time to patch you right and now you go and try to kill yourself. I should have just left you dying.” these were the last few words he heard before he fell in sleep.

A Shizian male was inside a run-down but well-decorated house making dinner. The sound of kids was heard from the next room. He peeked into the next room to see a small boy and a girl running around the house. A blur female in white entered the room and caught both the kids each in one hand and sat on the floor caressing them. The pot in front of him whistled and that pulled back his attention. He picked the pot and poured hot steaming broth into the cups and placed them on the tray. He then picked up the tray and entered the room where the female and the kids were sitting. As soon as he placed his foot inside the room, kids and the woman withered into nothingness. He started to tremble at the sight of his loved ones fading away. Everything around him went into the void. And he screamed in shock and fear, as we woke up and sat on the bed sweating like a pig and was still trembling.

“A nightmare huh!” said a woman sitting next to a fire stirring up something inside the pot. “Don’t move too much, or I might have to stitch you all over again,” she said while pouring some of the liquid out of the pot into a metallic mug and offered the man. The man still not out of his shock due to his worst nightmare; he remembered everything he had suffered recently and broke into tears thinking how he could not save his kids from falling and everything after that moment just blacked out. The despair came back to him. He remembered how he failed to save his wife, then he somehow managed to pull him back again to support his kids but now, even after he promised his wife that he would take care of the kids, he let them fall. He was almost there, he could even feel their fingers and touch their fingertips but failed to grasp them. His body again started to tremble and slowly his whole body started vibrating.

Seeing this the lady stood up and walked next to the man. She started stroking his hair of his head with her hand. She kissed his forehead and said “You suffered enough Rialz. You have suffered a lot. It’s time for you to take control of your fate.”

Hearing his name out the stranger’s mouth made him snap out of his thoughts. He asked while stammering “How do you know my name?” then he looked at the women as she up close to his face and saw a blue skinned girl in her teens with tatooted face. He was shocked at the sight of face and slid back on the bed. He was at loss of words looking at her.

She broke the ice by saying “Don’t worry Rialz. I will help you find your words. Firstly, as you have already guessed I am a devil. My name is Inna of the night. Secondly, yes you fell off the tower and were on the brink of death. I felt pity on you and saved your life. Lastly, I have a question for you.” The next few lines she said in a very heavy and a serious tone “Do you need power? Do you want revenge?” and a faint grin bloomed on her face as she ended her monologue.

4 thoughts on “Proto Armageddon (Episode 10): Fated Union

  1. Temsuakum Longkumer

    No comment option on the last chapter it seems😒. But seriously didn’t expect that type of ending to that plot . Here i was thinking along the line of a master and a loyal servant plot. But booom, it turned dark at the last min. Read chapter 10, waiting for how this devil will play in the stories. As we know never trust a 😈

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