First COVID-19 Vaccination: My Experience

On the eve of 18 January 2021, I received a text message on my phone stating that my COVID-19 vaccination session was scheduled for the following morning at the Sadar Hospital campus, Ranchi and I had to reach there with an ID proof provided during the registration in between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. I was impressed by the text as the government is moving fast with these vaccination programs.

Later in the same night, I received a call from Dr. Manish, my colleague saying that he too had received the message, and it was organized by the Medica Hospital, our workplace. After the conversation I knew two things: one apparently there was a list of hospital staff dispersed over a few consecutive days to avoid the crowd (Social distancing is still necessary, if you are concerned about the infection) and secondly, I have to go and get vaccinated early coming morning since two of my colleagues whose names popped up on the next day’s list were doing night shifts that day and hence they planned to get vaccinated first before going to their respective homes and rest.

On the fated morning, I woke up and got ready to get vaccinated or as the government campaign portrays to get another layer of protection which sounds like someone is not very sure! Whatever, I called up my colleagues who were supposed to go with me and asked when they would be free from their respective duty’s and after a fruitful conversation I reached our Hospital at around 9:00 AM and waited for them at the gate. Soon after they came out, we departed towards the Sadar Hospital.

After about 15-20 minutes, we reached our destination The Sadar Hospital, Ranchi. Well, I don’t know why, but I think that even if you shift a government facility from an old run-down building to a brand new infrastructure, give it a few months and somehow mystically the build starts reeking of the same old rundown vibe. In short, the look of the Sadar Hospital saddened my heart. Well, let’s not go into too many details since I am sure everyone will agree with my statement.

I had been here once ages ago (figuratively) when it was being made a center for Aadhaar card campaign here. I went with my dad. I don’t remember much of the layout of this place, but lucky for us because we had our colleague Dr. Abhijeet, who was also fated for today was stationed there as our scout and boy, he did great job. So. we called him out to guide us and we were taken to a small room which had a few chairs. It was a waiting room. Dr. Manju (an elderly colleague) and my colleague were the first ones. I and my three colleagues occupied the chairs. Well, they were supposed to start the vaccination by 9:00 AM but since it’s a government program, conducted in a government institution, and implemented by government officials, so how can one expect punctuality, anyway, we started around 10:00 AM and that too after a little violent persuasion by us waiting in the waiting room. A couple of us were present there after their night duties.

Then came the nurse checked our names and entered the names into a register and so the charade started as we were called in pairs into the vaccination room. Dr. Manish and I were the 3rd pair in line. As we entered. our IDs were verified and turn by turn, we were vaccinated.

Then again we were guided to another room called Observation room for post-vaccinated people who went ahead of us were seated for mandatory 30 minutes. Is it me or am I still a part of an experiment? It’s a vaccine for God-sake and if something is to happen then it will take a span of a few days. Even a hypersensitivity reaction (allergic) takes a few hours to manifest. It’s absolutely not like what they show us in movies. 🙂 I think what they were implying was that, if it is 30 minutes then it’s the vaccine or else you know… 😉 May God be merciful and bless us!

However, 30 minutes flew by soon and we left the premises. If you are curious to know what happened to me after the vaccination? Then I would say that it was pretty uneventful.  I felt a little malaise for a couple of days. Nothing too serious to worry about. I will again turn up for the booster dose after one month, but that’s another story for future.

Stay safe and healthy. Take all the necessary precautions. Most importantly, don’t skip the vaccine whenever it’s available. Safe and effective vaccines are needed because they protect individuals from becoming ill. It’s not a guarantee but it will definitely boost your immunity for whatever is to come next. The vaccine is intended to provide acquired immunity against COVID‑19. Nice of you to read my ranting. Thanks! 🙏

7 thoughts on “First COVID-19 Vaccination: My Experience

  1. I saw covishield so closely for the first time, it was very comforting to see. It has started now, hope all is well.
    Now a pleasant feeling after suffering a lot.


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