Proto Armageddon (Episode 17): The City of Amora

Inna after taking care of the guards called out “Tyrant!! Did you scan the castle for me?”
“Yes, Master!” after appearing out of the thin air replied Attir and chanted Incas-casium. As his holographic image changed into a 3-D holographic map of the castle. The map’s precision was so accurate that it would even show all the guards and their patrolling path along with the premonition of the next 5 mechas.

For the next few ticks, Inna sat on the floor analyzing the map conjured by Attir. As she thought hard a furrow started to surface over her forehead. “If I may, I was curious about our purpose of visit to this Wolfian city, Master,” asked Attir.

“Tyrant, what did I tell you in the Nortim City?” replied Inna.
“You found the Relic of the Last War.”
“And after that?”
“The Relic will be useful in conjuring a God.”

“Precisely. But to conjure one, you must have a few pre-requisites.  Firstly, a powerful item good enough to anchor a God, hence the Relic. Secondly, an Altar, preferably one designated to the One you are trying to conjure else it will be a lot of hustle; thus we are in this city. Thirdly, and most importantly an offering for sacrifice. They just cherish offerings, hence the deal I made in the Nortim city and all the tasty souls I collected as payment would come in handy. But I guess we might get some more to offer since we have been announced. So, have you cleared your doubts Tyrant??”

“Almost. Just one. Why are you summoning one?”

“Curious one! Aren’t you?” she replied with a smirk. “All will be revealed in due time, my loyal servant. After all, I am Night. You must know what they say about Night—Dark and Mysterious. Hahahaha!” she laughed as her eyes sparkled in mystery.

Tyrant kept his silence wondering what the Devil had in her mind. “Oh! I must say your conjuring has improved, but you still have a long way to go,” said Inna as she started to focus on the Map again. “Tyrant, when you were scouting; was there any section of the castle which looked very unimportant to you or more accurately was there any place where very few people went but periodically?”

After thinking for a while, he replied “There is one, I think might suit your query.” The map zoomed in to the place where Tyrant wanted to highlight. The map showed a huge room, which more or less looked like a warehouse. But for something so important it only had two guards stationed! Interestingly suspicious thought Inna and declared “That is where we are going.”

After passing through quite a few corridors with the least possible resistance as in the slaughtering of Wolfians, because of the support from Tyrant’s map they reached the warehouse gate. “Etarium Nish” chanted Inna and eternal night befell on the unfortunate guards as they are not going to see the day again. She went near the body of the guards to harvest their souls. As she was sucking out their spiricules into her body an axe flew towards her with killing intent. She rolled back to avoid the hit.

“Oye! Oye! Oye! Who do we have here in our home? You are unwelcomed here Devil. You and your kind should have never set foot upon our sacred grounds.” shouted Hungir as he leapt from the roof from where he threw the axe. He pulled out two large crude heavy swords and started swinging as they were twigs. He pointed one of the swords towards the Devil and said “You are my prey. Ready yourself.”

Inna looked towards the door of the warehouse and then switched her vision on Hungir. “This is extra work! That’s why I wanted to be so discreet.” sighed Inna. “Oookkkaay!!! Listen you useless mongrel. I don’t have time to waste on you. How about I give you 10 tries for your attempt at killing me. After that, I am gone. Deal?” replied back with a Devils grin.

On listening to the reply Hungir felt humiliated and shot towards her with his swords pointed forward. But just passed through her and crashed on the wall due to his own momentum. “There goes the first. Are you not trying hard, love?” Inna gave a teasing remark which in turn fueled his rage. He turned to look at her and smashed his swords on the ground which gave rise to multiple shockwaves towards her. “I count it as two. Even though I don’t age, I ain’t got eternity for you.”

Hungir not able to contain his anger started chanting “Vedo mara recario inferio” and he burst into flames. The Wolfians were known for having the highest affinity for fire but encasing themselves in the fire was a whole different form of affinity. Hungir recently had just received the spell from his God after his latest ascension which made him one of the strongest Wolfian and also the most arrogant. Although it was a wonderful sight to see someone encased in flames from head to toe. “That’s bright,” thought Inna. As Hungir started to hack and slash towards her everything around was turning to ash and soot.


“You really tried hard, kid” complemented Inna. “If I were not a Devil, I would have been burned long ago. I mean really burned. But unlucky you, it seems. You got one more try then I’ll be off, love.”

Hungir had started to lose breadth and was perspiring from every pore available. He looked like a mess who might die from exertion. Giving up was not what Wolfians are taught. He thought to himself that he had a single trick up his sleeve, an ace which could turn the tides. Although seeing Inna unharmed even after his barrage of slashes did shake his morale, but Wolfians don’t go down easy.

Hungir raised his both swords up towards the sky and prayed “O merciful Lady Amora, bless me so that I can slay this Devil.” To his surprise, nothing happened. Miracles by Gods can be very tricky at times. Gods may be busy or just ignoring. But Hungir was not able to apprehend how or why did his God decide to ditch him in this crucial moment.

“I guess that was a no show then,” Inna commented to the theatrics with a smile. “I have never seen someone getting ditched by a Minor God before. Huh! This world is indeed interesting, Father. Well, so what’s next?”

Hungir mustered the last of his strength encased himself in fire ran towards Inna swinging his swords and chanted “extorius nine”. In the next moment he faded into the atmosphere and 6 well-coordinated strikes around Inna as a cloud of dust formed around her with every strike and on the sixth a huge uppercut with all the energy of the fire encasing him into the last blow and to Inna’s surprise, she was pushed back from her original position who until now did not even budge.

As the cloud of dust faded Hungir fell unconscious on the ground wearing a smile on his face which showed a sense of accomplishment. “Impressive, too bad you are not mine. I would love to have you fully. Tasty!!” said Inna with a raised eyebrow while smacking her lips.

Last Episode: Finding the Relic

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