Palm Jumeirah (Dubai): Airplane View

I was travelling to Baghdad, Iraq from New Delhi via Iraqi Airways a few days ago. I have travelled on this route a several time. I was generally sleeping during the flight. Suddenly, I looked out of the airplane window. Wow, what a sight. The airplane was flying over Dubai then. I could clearly see the iconic Palm Jumeirah island. From the air, the archipelago resembles a stylized palm tree within a circle. I couldn’t resist myself from taking picture and it came out awesome!

The Palm Jumeirah was created in the shape of a palm tree. There is a crescent surrounding the palm which serves as a breakwater structure. Two gaps were made in the crescent to allow for water circulation. The 17 fronds of the palm have rows of luxury villas, and numerous hotels and resorts were built on the crescent. The trunk of the palm has a mixture of retail stores, apartments, and hotels.

Dubai is the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The city is a favorite destination among wealthy tourists, and the islands were constructed in order to create more coastal real estate. Creation of the islands began in 2001. With land area of over 1,380 acres, the Palm Jumeirah is one of the largest artificial islands in the world. It’s really a sight from the sky. I was remembering my visit to the Palm Jumeirah during my visits to Dubai.

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  1. Because of the exchange ratio, Dubai has become a favourite hunting ground for Indians looking for foreign travel… It has practically everything that Singapore offers to the tourist. Also, with large number of Hindi speaking residents, you feel at home in Dubai…

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