Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Google often changes it’s logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries or the lives of famous artists and scientists. Today’s Google Doodle celebrates all public health workers and researchers across the globe working in the fight against the novel coronavirus. Google has made a change to their logo to thank public health workers across the world during COVID-19.

Google announced that it’s only the first in a series. “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. Over the coming weeks, we’re launching a Doodle series to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines,” Google wrote, adding: “Today, we’d like to say: To all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community, thank you.”

Today’s Google Doodle shows a scientific researcher standing at a podium explaining the ‘flattening the curve’ analogy. A love heart is sent to it signifying Google saying thank you to the public health workers and researchers in the scientific community. The tribute is the first in a new Google Doodle series launched today to honor those working on the front lines of the outbreak.

Home-quarantined citizens are expressing love for the doctors and nurses on the front lines of the global COVID-19 outbreak, even as it spreads across much of the world. Shouts and applause are ringing out in many locked-down cities, and social media is being flooded with messages of support for those braving the outbreak to help others. Tributes have also been pouring in for other front-line workers who are helping to keep society going amid the crisis, including grocery store staff, delivery drivers, bankers, municipal workers, and police.


Several countries have been paying collective public tributes such as in Spain, Italy, India, and the U.K., where at designated times, residents clap from the windows and balconies of their homes to give thanks to all health care workers and other coronavirus helpers in their respective countries.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been sharing memes applauding healthcare workers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. More than 100 doctors and nurses around the world have lost their lives while treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

Not all heroes wear capes. In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the real heroes wear scrubs.

4 thoughts on “Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

  1. Nilanjana Moitra

    Really, hats off to the frontline helpers, workers, professionals, doctors, nurses, police, bankers, neighborhood grocery and vegetable shops, and municipal employees. They are taking huge risks, especially doctors and nurses. It needs a lot of courage.

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  2. Sunil Grover

    Nice post! hats off to doctors, healthcare workers, police and other frontline workers. They’re risking their lives to save ours. Praying for Judhajit’s safety and good health.

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